Read the label!

Several years ago my mother-in-law became very ill. At first no one knew what the illness was, they threw around words such as “mad cow disease”, alzheimers, and a bunch more names of diseases until we went to a specialist who suggested an aggressive form of Lou Gehrig’s Disease (aka ALS). Lou Gehrig was a major league baseball player who also suffered from this disease. It was such a rare strain of this disease that there was not much research that had been done on it.

Having three children with her son, I became very nervous when it was suggested to me that it may be hereditary. Those words are enough to scare any mother out there. This prompted me to do my own research.

What I found during my months of research pretty much astounded me. I found that there are a ton of products that we use everyday that can contribute not only to this disease but to a ton of other neurological disorders and life altering illnesses. One of the greatest offenders was mineral oil, an known carcinogen with links to a variety of muscular and degenerative diseases. While we think that mineral oil is a “natural” product made from earth, it is created as a byproduct of petroleum, you know the oil we use in our cars. It is easier and cheaper for companies to sell mineral oil to companies to be used as a filler for everything from diaper rash ointment and sun screen to cosmetics and skin care then it is to get rid of it in an ecologically friendly way. Well that does not sound so terrible, except for the fact that it is BANNED for use in all products in most countries, other then of course the U.S.A. Mineral oil is one of the first ingredients in most diaper rash creams as well as in our lipsticks and skin care. It really scares me to think that we are in fact poisoning our babies and ourselves using these products with mineral oil in them. Mineral oil is not the only offender here, there are a ton more.

Here is something to make your stomach turn….You know what they do with those dead animals on the side of the road (aka road kill), usually the dept. of public works in your home town collect the bodies and then bring them to rendering plants (ours in NJ are all around Newark airport). There they boil the bodies down in huge vats (thats the smell you get a wiff of when driving through Secaucus). All that floats to the top, the fat, are sloughed off and then pasteurized into another form and also sold to the cosmetic companies as filler. This luscious ingredient is called tallow, spelled other ways as well. Just think a lipgloss that can cause Mad Cow Disease!

Next time you go to buy products at your local grocery store, make sure you know what it is you are buying. READ THE LABELS.

Maybe the government will take a closer look at what’s being done and protect consumers for a change.

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