How to Apply Mascara…….(Six Simple Steps to Apply Mascara)

If you are the kind of girl who thinks natural beauty is very important, then we are on the same page. Just until a few months ago I wouldn’t even think about wearing make up, but then I realized that with make up I can look beautiful and natural at the same time , and so can you. The most important rule is to chose the right products and apply the right make up for every occasion.Some people say that our eyes are the mirror of our souls, so we should definitely pay a lot of attention to how we select and apply any product around our eyes.Mascaras are probably the most popular beauty products on the market. It’s very important to select the right one, because mascara defines and brings color to our lashes while it highlights and adds drama to them.With these Six Simple Steps I’ll guide you to the best way to select, apply and remove mascara.

STEP 1: Select the right type of mascara for your lashes and the occasion. You can chose from lengthening, thickening, long-wearing, conditioning and waterproof mascara, among many other combinations.During the day I would advise you to opt for adding length, while for a girls’ night out or for your romantic dinner date, it would be better to opt for a long-wearing or thickening formula.

STEP 2: Select the right color. If you have blond or red lashes, opt for the black/brown mascara. if you have dark lashes, opt for brown for a casual look and black for more dramatic lashes.

STEP 3: Once you have selected the kind of mascara and color you want to apply, then you are ready to apply your mascara and show the world how naturally beautiful you are. You can curl your lashes with a eyelash curler if desired. You should also apply all other eye make before applying your mascara.

STEP 4: Pull the wand out of the mascara tube. It’s better to remove the wand in only one pull because pumping the mascara will allow air into the tube, potentially dye out the formula and introduce bacterias into it.

STEP 5: You should begin applying the mascara on the underside of the upper lashes. Move the brush slowly upward toward the tips of your lashes. You should always pay attention to hold the want parallel to your eyelid. Roll the brush slowly on the upward stroke to permit the separation of the lashes.

STEP 6: Slowly apply some mascara on the underside of your lower lashes using the same technique as on the upper lashes. Use less mascara for the lower lashes. Begin where the lashes meet the rim of the lower eyelid, and gently stroke downward.

Tip: If you used too much mascara, remove any stray mascara around the eye with a cotton swab dipped in a small amount of eye makeup remover.

Removal of Mascara: Removing your make up and mascara is as important as properly applying it. You should make sure that all make up is gone before going to bed, otherwise your eyes will look tired and dark the next morning. A gentle¬†Makeup Remover is just the right choice for removing mascara. This is a safe and gently liquid eye make up remover. This oil-free product is ideal for removing mascara, shadow, glimmer, any kind of eye product, it’s quick and easy to use with cotton pads.I hope you enjoyed this little trip through mascara world, and I hope you’ll come back for more of our tutorials on how to apply make up, how to select the right make up, simple steps in choosing color palettes, hair and body care products and so much more!You can help others by telling us how do you apply your mascara…You should also watch this small video of how to apply mascara for better results

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