Enjoying the Single Life

Women hanging outToday’s article it is for those single girls, women. all over the world. I’m single and I’m enjoying it. I certainly didn’t choose to be single, but now I can choose the right way to spend my single-hood to improve my self esteem and to love and take care of myself. Most of us at some point want to find a man to complete us, to take care of us, to love us…but for my personal experience, we don’t need someone to complete us, we are a full special individual person. We don’t need a partner to take care of us, we can do it ourselves. And if you look around you, there are many people that are already loving you.I’m not going to tell you here that you are better off without a boyfriend, a partner, and spouse. I’m just going to show you how you can be single and become a better person, by loving and understanding more yourself; by learning to recognize your real emotions, feelings, goals. Once you are completely happy with yourself, will notice how you’ll attract into your life the kind of people, men, friends, you have always want, the kind of person that will upgrade you, accept you and admire you just for who you are. Not the person who will criticize you or try to change you to their likeness, but the kind of person who will help you be a better person, who will advice you when you need it, who will be there for you in good and bad moments. That person doesn’t necessary have to be your boyfriend, husband, couple or spouse…but you have a 90% chance that it will your future relationship, your best friend, your soul mate that you have always been dreaming of.My first piece of advice would be to try to always look your best. You don’t need to be a super model, but you need to be healthy, eat healthy food with a lot of fruits and vegetables, join a gym, read healthy magazines, start that diet you have been postponing since last year.You should also try a new look, a new style. Get a hair cut, go for a massage, a manicure or a beauty spa as often as you like, you have all the time for yourself. Treat yourself to a shopping trip. Buy new cloths and throw away those old tired ones you have been wearing for too long. All of these personal appearance changes won’t get you a date by itself, but they’ll make you happy and comfortable in your own skin, and as long as your happy, you are confident and that’s one of the main factor to successfully start dating and eventually start a serious relationship. As I always advise my girl friends, you need to be happy with yourself, love your hair, your style, your manners, your look, before someone else can see all the beauty and goodness on you. It’s never too late to start.I also think that it’s very important that you be an interesting and interested person towards people around you. That will make people around you happy, they’ll notice you and compliment you back. You should try to join a club, start again with a hobby, join a dance class or a community charity. That way you’ll be happy doing the things you like, not the ones someone asked you to, or that you “have” to do. You’ll meet people with similar interests and you’ll finally have something interesting to talk about apart from your work and your family problems. You should be interested in other people’s life as well, don’t forget to say hi to your doorman or the grocery shop guy, ask about their health and their family, not to know all about the family gossip, but to show a genuine interest in them as a person. This habit will also make people notice you, compliment you and care about you. Isn’t that what we all want?Compliments don’t need to come from our couple or partner, I find it very sweet when a complete stranger says hi to me on the street, or helps me carry my grocery bags, or when the Starbucks waiter offered me a free drink (admittedly it does not happen often) or pulled my chair for me to sit on. These little every day acts can make a difference in a person’s life. So promise yourself to do at least one good deed a day, and you’ll notice how you’ll incorporate it little by little to your life as something as natural as drinking water. When you eventually start dating, you’ll be amazed how much will help you to really flatter and compliment the person you are going out with, on the way they look, the cloths they wear, the restaurant or movie they choose. Most people, including you, spend a lot of time and effort on looking their best for a date, so being told that you are looking nice, is one of the sweetest thing you can hear.One of the other very important things in life, not only for single people, but for every person in this world, is to learn and start enjoying all the smaller things in your life, and give yourself time especially for these things. You should not wait for others to make you happy or wait for them to start doing the things you like that make you happy, even if it might look silly to them. If you like cooking, you can start having dinner parties with your single friends, if you like dancing you can start right now in front of the mirror, even the small things you can imagine, can make you very happy and confident.So, with all this said, there’s no time to waste now, you are ready to start loving more yourself. If you already read all this article, it means you are really going to succeed, you are on the right path. Please let me know how it goes 😉

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