Brow Wax and How To Use It

Some people have never used brow wax before to help shape their brows, mainly because they do not know how to use the product. One brow wax I came across, was easy to use and very nice consistency, it’s a brow wax from my favorite company. This wax comes in four different shades, blonde, brown, auburn and clear. The wax can be used to shape the brow hair you already have and help tame unruly brow hairs. If this is your intention I would strongly suggest using a clear brow wax unless you also need to add fullness to your brow, in which case you should choose a color wax closest to your hair color. The clear wax is also ideal for using as a type of sealer if you typically fill your brow in with a shadow or a pencil. Using the wax sets the color on the brow so it will remain for the entire day. The tinted brow wax may be used alone to add a fuller look to your brow.See the short tutorial below to learn how to best apply a brow wax.

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