Rejuvenate your face

facial mask, homemade recipeI was never a fan of facial masks. I’ve always been very proud of my skin, I never had to worry about acne or color patches. All this changed when I came to China. Here the weather is very dry so my skin was the first one to notice it. I had to start buying special skin care products and going more often for facial treatments. My first trip to a Watson’s store was like a dream. I don’t know why but every time I visit a Watson’s store, I feel like I’m in a different world, I feel like a child in their first trip to a carnival, everything is new and interesting. So that’s how my trip into the facial mask world began. I bought my first facial mask at Watson’s, and I kept going there a few times. but being an student, I found myself with no time to go shopping. Since I love creating things and experimenting mixing things, I decided to start doing my own facial masks.At first I used my Chinese friend’s special recipe for an egg mask. I loved how my skin looked and felt afterwards. I remember all my girl friends around me, half of them trying it and the other half just making fun of us and making sure of capturing every second of our experiment on their cameras.After that time, I can’t even count how many different masks I have tried. They all seem to have a very nice effect, at least I’m very happy with my skin now, still from time to time I also decide to go for the original one’s on Tian Ke Long (Chinese mall) or at my closest Watson’s.For me, the thing about making my own facial mask is that I just LOVE the whole process. Shopping for the ingredients, or finding a way to replace the ones I don’t have for some other I find around my room; mixing all the ingredients; applying the whole mix to my face, neck, hands and finally washing it and feeling my skin, so smooth and silky…it’s just amazing, right?I’m always looking for new formulas, from cucumber, to egg or avocado masks, I’ve tried them all. I was recently looking for some new formulas on Internet, and I came across this very cool site where I found this formula on How to Make an Egg Facial Mask, I think it’s very well explained and easy to follow so I wanted to share it with all of you.  This type f mask is especially great for sensitive skin.You’ll only need honey, apple cider vinegar, lavender essential oil, a mixing bowl, whisk and of course, an egg (or a few eggs, depending of how many people will be applying the mask)I’m going to try it right now and tomorrow I’ll let you know how it went. Hope you can try it too and we can share info.

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