Green Tea Not Just for Drinking

Green tea has been used in Asian culture for over 4,000 years. It has been used for everything from beauty products, being an antiseptic, an anti-oxident to helping with depression. What you may not have known is that it is also a great source of anti-oxidents for your skin.

After having been exposed to asian remedies and herbal medicine through my brother who is an acupuncturist and chinese herbalist, I started developing a keen interest in the health benefits of green tea. What I found are a few recipes I would love to share with you that have truly worked for me. People had actually noticed a difference in my skin after using these recipes.

Green Tea Face Mask (Use once every 2 weeks)

  1. One teaspoon of green tea powder (found at asian markets)
  2. One teaspoon of egg white

Mix well in a bowl and apply to your face and leave on for 20-30 minutes. Another option would be to add milk to help even out skin tone, and/or add honey to help moisturize.

Green Tea Eye Cream

  1. One Apple (cut into thin strips)
  2. Green Tea (from one tea bag, or 1 tsp of bulk green tea leaves)

Soak the apples in cold green tea for five minutes and apply the apple strips directly over your closed eyes. Let sit for 10 minutes. This will freshen the skin area around the eyes and help rid puffiness and dark circles.

Face Mask to Help Remove Freckles

This mask will help to lighten freckles on your face.

  1. 1 Egg Yoke
  2. 1 Cup White Wine (preferably chinese wine)

Soak the egg yoke in the wine for 1 week. Blend the ingredients together by whisking it in a bowl. Spread a thin layer on your face every morning or night and leave the mask on for 1 hour. Wash your face with clean warm water.

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3 thoughts on “Green Tea Not Just for Drinking

  1. Yes you can use green tea bags on your skin. It will help with dead cell turnover, leaving your skin healthier and refreshed.

    Hope this helps answer your question.

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