My Story

Upon graduating from college I found myself working in an art department in a non-profit organization making peanuts. I chose to go back to school for an advanced degree and earned a masters degree from a design school. I then worked for myself in my own advertising agency, killing myself by working crazy hours and never really catching a break. During this point in my life, my husband and I became involved in a non-profit group called Rotary International. We got involved through our chiropractor who was also a member, that was in 1996.

I quickly rose up the Rotary ranks and became one of the first women presidents of our 50+ member club of mostly men with a median age of 60. Most of those men were against women joining the club at the time they were voting on allowing women to join. Yes Rotary had been an all men organization until the early 90’s.

When my rein as President was over, I got a standing ovation from those men who were against women, all telling me they would have me be their president all over again if I would take the job. They then encouraged me to get involved at the district level, which I did and I became an assistant district governor with the charge of 5 other Rotary clubs. I quickly made friends within those other clubs.

One guy my husband and I became friendly with introduced me to his wife at our annual district conference 2 years ago. Two years ago when we attended that annual district conference for Rotary, this Rotarians wife started a conversation with me and passed me a sample of skin care. Having just flipped my first digit, once again, I was immediately insulted, thinking that this anti-aging skin care is for old people, she must think I am old! But after using it for the weekend people actually began noticing my skin. At first they thought I changed my hair color, cut my hair, used different makeup etc. When in reality what they were noticing was my skin. I purchased my first anti-aging skin care products after that and ended up getting some for friends and family members as well. I began receiving these decent paychecks in the mail from the company, and that was the birth of my first ever multi-level-marketing endeavor, with this very generous awesome company that I truly love and am not permitted by them to mention their name in a blog. So email me and ask me what they are. 🙂

This company is not just about selling skin care and pure, safe, beneficial products, it is about changing your life on so many levels. It has given me the ability to help other people improve their lifestyle by giving them financial freedom and flexibility. The flexibility in choosing the hours they wish to work and choosing the amount of money they want to earn.

The point where I realized how powerful this gift of this company was, was when a friend of mine found out her husband was cheating on her and ultimately left her and her 2 children for another women and her 2 children. Before this happened the family had been struggling with financial difficulties and that had caused more stress on their relationship. Her husband moved in with this new family and stopped all the financial means for his first family. He stopped the credit cards and cleared out the bank account before taking off. My friend was beside herself not knowing what to do. She knew I was selling skin care and making a decent living at the time. She knew that I replaced my salary and then some through this new endeavor, but at this point that was the last thing on her mind.

I helped her get on her feet financially, which I never would have been able to do if it had not been for this company. After things cooled down for her, and she got herself together, she had her first party and invited some friends. She had then started her own business with this company and before long took off and was able to provide for her family, and give her children everything they wanted and needed. Even the things that she was unable to get them when her husband was living with them. She has found financial freedom and has never looked back.

This truly was the most rewarding part of having my own business with this company, its not about the awesome products that can sell themselves, its about the ability to help people change their lives in ways that are profound.  You GOTTA ask me what this company is all about, email me for more info!

Thank you

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