8 Ways to know he’s in love!

heart of loveThe same way men find very hard to read a woman’s mind, for us women is also very hard to know what a man is thinking or feeling. I’ve read hundreds of articles and books about this specific topic. I personally don’t think there’s one authority about it or that there’s a scientific way to know what your guy is thinking or feeling. Through reading many of this kind of books and articles and my personal experience, I’ve found that there are definitely a few ways to identify when a man is in love with you.
You know he’s in love with you when:

  1. He smiles when he sees you: it seems obvious, but not all men instantly smile when they see his girlfriend. If you take in account that we smile when we see something we like, something that makes us happy, something that we enjoy, then it is a good signal if your boyfriend smiles when he sees you.
  2. He calls you, text message you and emails you very often: this is a clear sign that your boyfriend is really into you. Communication is not a man’s easiest tool, so if he’s make the effort to call you every day, or text message you several times a day, or just email you to say “I miss you”, or “I saw this and it remind me of you…” you can be almost sure that your guy is in love with you. He wouldn’t take the time to communicate with you if you weren’t important to him.
  3. He loves you just the way you are: We are not perfect, we are not always wearing the perfect outfit or the perfect make up, so if we find someone who loves you just the way we are, with our flaws and insecurities, then is almost sure that he’s the one and he’s pretty much in love with you. Who doesn’t like a man to compliment her when she’s going out with the new outfit you just bought for the occasion? All of us, but would you rather be complimented when you know you are gorgeous, or in the morning without any make up and a messy hair. I personally love a man who knows when you need to be complimented. Sometimes you are just exhausted from a hard day at work, or at school, you are overwhelmed with a bunch of projects or family matters, that’s the time when you most need a compliment, a hug, an “I love you”, and the man who really knows you and realizes that, you can be sure that that man loves you.
  4. He knows you: when a man really KNOWS you, then it means he had paid a lot of attention to you and is almost sure that he loves you. The man who really knows you can tell what’s your favorite color, food, day of the week, TV show even without asking you. He’ll know what bothers you and makes you happy. He’ll know the color of eyes. He knows exactly how you are feeling without asking you. If you realize that your boyfriend is that kind of man, then you can be sure that he loves you.
  5. He accepts you: when you realize that he accepts you just the way you are, then you say he’s in love with you and that’s the kind of man you want to spend the rest of your life. If he accept your flaws, your eccentricities, your insecurities, your traditions, your religion, your taboos, then you can be sure that he loves you. Notice that he doesn’t necessarily need to love all of that, just accept you the way you are and never not try to change you.
  6. He has plans for you: if he’s already planning ahead your next trip, your next holidays, even if is still 4 months ahead, it means he sees his future and the rest of his life with you, then he loves you.
  7. He wants to spend time with you: when a man wants to spend most of his time with you, then is a clear sign that he’s more comfortable around you, that he wants to be a part of your life and he wants you to be a part of his life. You want a man who’ll choose to stay home cuddling and watching a movie with you than going for a beer with his friends. This is not an exclusive rule, man need their time alone too just like you, they enjoy being with their friends, so you can’t expect him to dump all of his friends just to be with you, you need a man who is ready, willing and would rather be with you, but who’ll sometimes also go out with his friends.
  8. He introduces you to his family: if he wants you to get to know his family it means he wants you to be a part of his family too. When a man is serious about you and about your relationship, he’ll want you and his family to get to know each other and get along.
    With all this said, then you’ll have a better idea of the different signs that you boyfriend is sending you to let you know he really loves you. Sometimes an action speaks better than words. Maybe he’s not the type of man who easily says I love you, but if he’s doing one of the above, then you’ll know he really does love you.

How do you know when a man loves you?

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5 thoughts on “8 Ways to know he’s in love!

  1. Sum of that iz what my boyfriend does…he told me 09 iz r year…jus 2day he said he iz tryin 2 settle down…we made our relationship offical 6mins b4 my birthday (Jan 1st)…btw im only 19 & he iz 20 😀

  2. My bf has these qualites and I’m sure glad that he can show and express that side of him ,we have a very strong relationship with each other

  3. well i guess mines loves me a little im missing two out the eight lol we have a good relationship but is like we where still getting to know each other we respect each others personal space and every time we see each other we are some how still shy after a year every one asks me what is it that i do i think i still want it to be better but then again nothing is that perfect .

    1. I’ve been with my bf for 3 years now. In he beginning he was getting out off a 10 year long term relationship, and I was ending a 21 year bad marriage. Neither of us was really “ready” to settle down. I told myself that I was but needed time to heal, and he was very adamant that he didn’t want to be tied down. He only wanted sex. Of course, he only admitted this AFTER we became intimate. Before the sex, he said he wanted a relationship and being naive I believed him. For the first year, we fought constantly and the relationship was very stormy because I didn’t want a FWB relationship and that’s what he was trying to do with me but I wouldn’t allow it. However, after 3 years of fighting, living together twice, breaking up & making up, etc. I was ready to admit defeat and leave him for good. I was exhausted emotionally and mentally from all of the mind games and tug of wars with him. During all of this time this man NEVER told me once that he loved me. We never talked about it because he refused to. I allowed him to get away with so much because I was in love with him, and he knew it. However, right after I decided to move on. I guess he could sense it? He began to change, and I mean drastically. He started catering to me, buying me things, being very attentive, talking, calling & texting me during the day, then he wanted to move back in with me again, wanted to know where I was everyday, very concerned about my well being, doing my laundry, preparing my lunch & cooking dinner everyday, cleaning the house, wanted to meet my family out of state and drove me 12 hours both ways to meet my mother. I slept and relaxed the whole time…it was great! I was wondering why had he changed so much? Although, I was reluctant to ask him hence he might cease this wonderful behavior that I had grown to enjoy. This went on for a couple of months, finally one day we were walking in the park and decided to take a break and rest on a park bench. We were just having some small talk when out of the blue he just blurts out that he loves me and he always has! Tears rolling down his cheeks he starts telling me how he has fought it for 3 years and that’s why he’s done the dumb things that he’s done to me in the past. After his last relationship he was afraid to be hurt again and promised himself that he wouldn’t let his guard down & get his heart involved. I was so shocked that I started crying too. It was very emotional for both of us. I had NEVER heard him say those words before! Now our life together is wonderful! We’re “both” in love and it feels good!

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