How to Apply Eye Liner…properly

On a previous post I explained how to properly apply the eye mascara so today I want to talk about eye make up again. As I always point out to friends, to properly make up your eyes is an art, as any art, it needs patience, learning and training. You can’t expect everything to go perfect the first time but with some practice and these few easy steps, you can easily apply your eye liner for a very dramatic, sophisticated and natural look. As I’ve said before I’m all into the natural look so with these steps you’ll be able to look your best with the right application technique.

STEP 1: Choose the right look you are looking for. You need to decide whether you want to use a pencil eye liner of a liquid one. For a soft definition and a more natural look you should use a pencil eye liner, while for a more dramatic, sophisticated and precise look you should instead consider a liquid eye liner. (if you didn’t have time to go buy your eye liner or are in a rush, you can moisten dark eye shadow to double as an eye liner, you should apply it with an small, flat brush for better results.)

STEP 2: Now its time to choose the right color, that should match your eye color as well as the rest of your make up and should be in accordance with the occasion and the look you are looking for. If you have light color eyes, you’ll benefit from brown, gilded bronze and plum color eye liner. For darker eyes, you can go with black. For green and blue eyes, silver and charcoal eye liners look great. For blue eye you can also choose a rich red but be careful on the right tone because red eye liner can make your eyes redder and tired. You can also use gold eye liner if you have green eyes. Blue eye liner make your eyes look whiter so is always a good option, as long as it matches your eye color, your skin color and your eye shadow.

STEP 3: Once you have chosen the right kind of eye liner and color you wish to apply, then you’ll need to prepare them for application. If you decided to go for a pencil eye liner, you should carefully sharpen it, then warm and soften the tip of the pencil, you can do it by applying some heat from your hair dryer and then use the tip of your finger for an smooth pencil tip. If you are using a liquid eye liner, check for clumps and excess.

STEP 4: Now its time to assume the right position for applying your eye liner. If you don’t have a steady arm you should try to rest your elbow on a hard surface, move your head back just a little bit, just to create the right angle for the eye liner application while allowing you to see on the mirror. Hold the pencil eye liner the same way you hold a writing pencil and the same applies for the liquid eye liner lid

STEP 5: Use your free hand (the one that is not holding the pencil) to gently pull your eyelid to the side and up towards your ears. Some people choose not to do this in order to avoid wrinkles and because for some people it’s easier to apply the eye liner on a relaxed eye. You should focus on one point in the mirror to avoid your eyelid from blinking.

STEP 6: Start drawing a line across the upper lid on the lash line. You should start at the end of your eyelid closest to your nose towards the opposite side (your ears). Try to draw the line as close as possible to your lashes to create the illusion of thicker lashes. Be very careful of the amount of eye liner you apply, if you are looking for a dramatic look, you should draw a thicker and darker line, but if you are looking for a more natural look with a very subtle definition try a lighter application.

STEP 7: Before opening you eye, if you are using a liquid eye liner, allow it to dry first. When the liner is dry you can choose to draw a “tail”, style and length is completely up to you and should be according to the look you are looking for. If you need to clean any mess, you can use a cotton swab dipped in eye make up remover.

STEP 8: This step is optional. Once you have finished you upper lids, it is time to use your eye liner in your lower lids. Some people apply the eye liner below the lower lashes, but some other people prefer to put it on the rim of the eye, above the lashes or on the upper inner lash rim. (you’ll better have a lot of practice applying eye liner before trying this last option) For a natural look, the line should become thinner as it moves closer to your nose while you should draw it slightly thicker at the outside corner. You can’t expect the line to be perfect from the first application, so be patient and dark the line little by little.

STEP 9: Once you have applied the eye liner with these basic steps, you need to make sure of the style or look you are looking for, that will vary if you have close-set eyes, small or big eyes, deep-set eyes or drooping eyes. You can look on the Internet or ask a stylist for the best option for you.
What’s your technique for applying eye liner?

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5 thoughts on “How to Apply Eye Liner…properly

  1. im not very good with liquid eyeliner, even though i wish i was.. it looks i do apply pencil eyeliner every single day i honestly dont go out witout it.. i place tha pencil in between my eyelids as if i was goin to poke my eye..and then hold tha pencil there with my eyelids and move it through a couple times.. then open my eyes nd do any touch ups..yea i know its a weird technique buh hey it works.. =]

  2. I’m not really good either with the liquid eyeliner, I prefet the pencil one instead. I love the indian eyes make up style so I’m usually imitating their style 😉

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