Steps for a perfect pucker

lipstick lipsLip gloss and lip stick were probably the first make up notion for every woman. I’m sure most of you remember when you were a kid and used to wear mom’s dresses and shoes and a huge amount of lip gloss or lip stick to play house. This was probably one of the happiest memories from my childhood. Even though applying lip gloss or lip stick was probably the first make up technique you mastered, there are still many women struggling to find the right way to apply make up that lasts all day, or to make their lips look fuller or glossier. As a continuation of my post about how to apply foundation, I’m going to explain in a very few steps how to choose the right lip gloss color and how to properly apply it to obtain the look you are looking for:

  1. Choose the right lip stick and lip gloss for you. You need to find out the right color according to your skin color, then choose the right kind of lip stick, lip gloss, brand. People with light skin tones look better with light, glossy colors, while mixed skin color people should use muted colors (bland pinks and some browns). Dark skinned people look better with darker tones, gold browns and nude pinks. To choose the right color for your skin color you can get a bunch of colors and then just play with them. Worse case scenario, if you still have trouble go to the the make up counter at your favorite store and ask for advice, try different colors before deciding which one to buy.
  2. Decide if you want to use a lip liner or not with your lip stick or lip gloss. Lip liner is very useful to create some sort of outcline for the lipstick and create the illusion of plumper lips for those with thin ones, or if well applied can give the illusion of thinner lips if desired. Your lip liner should match your lip stick so I’d advise you to buy a matching lip liner for each lipstick color. Some people think the lip liner should be slightly darker than the lipstick, while some other people think it should be neutral or never darker than the lip stick. The truth is that there’s not a definite answer for that, you should first try each option and find which one looks better on you.
  3. Once you have choosen the right lip stick, lip gloss and lip liner, you should prepare your lips for applying the make up. Your lips should be clean and healthy so you can apply make up and make them look beautiful. Remove all dead flakes first. If you have chapped lips you can exfoliate them with a paste of sugar and water, you should very gently scrub your lips and then use a tissue folded and dipped in water and a lip moisturizer to rub your lips. You can try using Lip Moisturizer. You must squeeze the tissue for as long as you can, and then use a clean tissue to take off all the moisturizer and you are ready to start applying your lip make up. Another way to keep the lipstick or gloss on longer is to apply some foundation for your skin on your lips first. This tends to add a great base to hold your lipstick in place and last longer.
  4. Your lips and your lip make up is ready, so what’s next? Lip liner. You should first start by filling in your lips with a lip liner, you should start from the edges to the center. For a “plumper” lips effect you can color a little outside the edge of your lips and you’ll notice the difference.
  5. Now it’s time to start applying your lip stick. Some experts advise to always use a lip brush instead of applying directly from the tube, but that’s completely up to you. If you decide to use the lip brush you should load it with your lip stick and apply color richly on the lip tissue right inside the lip line you already defined with your lip liner, and here’s when you’ll realize how important the lip liner is. You apply your lip stick in thin coats, one or two sweeps over your lips and after you can apply more if desired. The best way to apply it is definitely to stretch the lips, start from the center to the corner, make sure to apply it evenly on the corners and always respecting the lip lines.
  6. Once you have applied the desired amount of lip stick, it is time to blot your lips once to remove all excess color and to press the color into the lip tissue. Pay attention to the lip line during the process and make sure you applied enough color to blot and to still keep the right color on your lips.
  7. After you finish, you can choose to apply a second coat. Use your lip stick tube this time and again pay attention to the lip lines.
  8. After this second coat of lip stick you are almost ready, you can apply an small amount of gloss to give a shinier impression, but don’t over do it and avoid the lip lines.
  9. You thought you were ready to go out after the last step? Well, not really, the next step is as important as any of the previous ones. Check on the mirror for any lip color on your teeth, there’s nothing more embarrassing than to arrive on a date and find out that you have some color on your teeth or go for a job interview and be pointed to your teeth. This won’t only leave a bad impression, an embarrassing moment, but also the idea that you are careless, so please make sure there’s no color on your teeth and outside the lip lines.

I hope this very easy tutorial help you get the perfect lips make up. Do you have any other tips I am missing?

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