Addicted to the Internet

As you can imagine, I love Internet. I’m not proud if it, but I can say that I spend most of my day online. My Internet addiction started when I moved to China. Here you can find as many Internet cafes as restaurants, so you can imagine that you’ll find at least 2 Internet cafes or as we say in Chinese language: WANG BA on every block. Since I started blogging I realized that there are a few blogs and sites that I most visit at least once a week. I get all my inspiration and information from them so here I’m pointing you to some of the most interesting and useful posts I’ve found as well as some of the most have programs for every woman.

If you are into CELEBRITY GOSSIP, you’ll enjoy:

1.) This list of hot boys to keep an eye on in 2008
2.) This Sienna Miller spring hair style
If you use Internet as a LEARNING tool and if you have some expertise or advice you wish to share, then you should visit:
3) This site where you’ll learn how to do just about everything, from How to let him know how much do you love him to How to get chosen as an extra for movies and TV shows.
4.) The How-to Manual that you can edit, were you can learn and contribute to posts as interesting as How to be romantic.
If your are a blogger or if you are planning to start a BLOGGER CAREER, I advice you to check this few articles first:
5.) 23 Places to find freelance writing jobs and freelance blogging jobs.
6.) 7 Easy Ways to Win a Blog Contest.
7.) Top 5 Freelance Mistakes to Avoid.
8.) 10 Best, Free Programs to Keep Windows Protected.
9.) An important article not just for freelance but for all those who can’t balance work and family is this one: Balancing Work & Family.
10.) You’ll need all your expertise from Jacob Morgan’s Marketing Ideas and Rants: Are your Presentations Boring?
11.) This article that will help you make clients remember you, Spice up your business cards.
12.) You’ll benefit from this Online Marketing SEO Tips.
Since my mother language is Spanish, I enjoy watching all kind of Spanish soap Operas, one of the most famous Brazilian soap operas of all time is definitely El Clon, so an amazing person had the idea of making a 9 minutes resume of every episode and upload it on the Youtube. The videos have been very popular so Guycito (that’s the man’s name) decided to create a blog for all those “clonadictos” (Clon addicts), so if you are a fun of SPANISH SOAP OPERAS or if you wish to start studying it, you’ll love this Spanish languages blogs
13.) The official “El Clon” soap opera blog
14.) The official “Senora del Destino” soap opera blog, this is the soap opera that’s been uploaded daily by Guycito
For all those business WOMEN or work at home moms, there’s a wide selection of blogs, some of my favorites are:
15.) All work at home moms will have their space to communicate and share experiences as well as make confessions like there’s Nothing Like Being Kicked When You are Down.
16.) For business women is this blog where you can learn about very business women’s conflict and learn about new trends and A New Leadership Style
I also love using Internet as an ENTERTAINMENT tool. I’ve found a few very interesting Chinese websites that offer a wide selection of international movies and TV Shows. Even though they are all in Chinese Language, they are very user friendly, so if you can at least understand a few Chinese characters you’ll soon get used to visit them
17.) Youku, this is something like a Chinese version of Youtube
18.) I just heard about 56 a few days ago so I haven’t had much time to visit it, I invite you to check it out
Since I started working as a blogger, I realized that I would use more than Words Documents, but because I am a Mac user, I can’t enjoy of most free Internet programs and tools, so I’ve had to do some research and come up with a few ideas to replace them. This are some of the PROGRAMS AND TOOLS I use for writing this posts and keep my life organized.
19.) Google Documents is probably my favorite of the bunch, this very user friendly program has almost all the necessary features for a beginner. I use it daily to write my posts and I love that it saves the documents as you write.
20.) My second favorite and my life savior, Google Readers. Can you imagine having an email account where you get all your favorite websites and blogs new posts? Well, that’s the Google Readers idea, I find very comfortable just opening my Google Reader and be able to read all new posts without having to browse every single web site. What I like the best about this website is that even when some blogs or websites are banned from China, I can still use my Google Reader to read all new articles.
21.) If you want to organize your life, your blogging frequency, your blogs posts ideas, you should use Excel or Google Documents Spreadsheets to create your own calendar.
If you visit any of this sites and enjoyed it, give us your personal opinion, tell us your favorite ones, if you have use any of the recommended programs or wish to add a new one, tell us about it.

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