Skin care for preteens and teens, very overlooked! Part 2

23274773.jpgOkay, as I said I would post a continuation of the prior post about preteens and teen skin care and cosmetics here goes.After we went through the basic skin care line we talked about makeup. For those pre-teens just starting to wear makeup, less is more! Always remember you want to go for that natural look. Typically your skin would be just about flawless, with maybe some minor skin issues or occasional acne, that can be covered up easily with some Cream Concealer. This concealer comes in 4 different shades and can also help reduce under eye puffiness and dark circles for us older women who may need some help in that department. This cream concealer goes on very smoothly and addresses skin issues that preteens and teens may encounter.A tinted moisturizer was suggested for all the girls, especially those with combination skin. Some of these girls were already dabbling in using a thicker foundation to get a flawless appearance regardless of their beautiful skin. This tinted moisturizer is a thin consistency and goes on very smoothly. It evens out your skin tone and feels delicious on your skin. I hate using heavy foundations, and regardless of having a line around my face after using one or not, I always thought I did and it made me feel very uncomfortable. I began using this tinted moisturizer on myself. I use it although it is part of the cosmetic line. Chronologically I may be 44, but in all other ways I feel like a teenager! 😉 This tinted moisturizer comes in 4 shades, but interestingly enough it seems to adapt to any shade of skin as long as the color is close to the shade chosen. It goes on very light and thin but also contains spf 15 to help protect from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Its ideal anytime of year if you hate the feeling of thicker foundations.A couple of the girls opted not to go the direction of using a foundation or tinted moisturizer. For them I used a bronzer to give them a bit of color, which was much appreciated during these cold winter east coast months. They liked the idea that they looked a little tan. I also used a touch of bronzer on the girls that had tried the tinted moisturizer. The bronzer was a huge hit. we used it with this gorgeous, soft thick brush that all the girls loved. It was very reasonably priced as well.Now I love this product line mostly because of its botanical base and nutrition to the skin it provides. I also love the fact that it contains NO animal by products and has never been tested on animals.I suggested too the girls that they use a cream base shadow. This way the coverage is lighter for a more natural look and they can also experiment and blend the colors showing off their own personalities. The cream shadows go on smoothly and come 6 gorgeous shades.  Best of all any of these cream shadows can be used an all day lasting liner! each one comes sold seperate and comes with both a liner brush and a sponge application brush.As for application of mascara, brown/black works best for younger people and just about anyone with lighter skin. For this age group it is always best to apply mascara to only the tips of the lashes, not the entire lash. Mascara by the way should always be changed every 3 months regardless of how often it is used. It is one of those beauty products that harbors bacteria and can cause eye infections if not changed regularly. Another mascara tip, NEVER pump the applicator into the tube of mascara as this is a sure way to collect bacteria in your mascara causing it to have to be replaced sooner rather then later.We added a tint of blush to their cheeks and they got to choose the color lip gloss they wanted to use as well. The lip gloss made for them is thick, creamy and lightly tinted for a natural hint of juicy colors. They smell and taste a bit like berries and are long lasting. They come in convenient squeeze tubes in a variety of shades.As I was talking to them about the benefits of using these products as opposed to the products they buy at their local drugstore, they pulled out their makeup and were checking the ingredients to make sure there was no mineral oil or tallow in their products. (Mineral oil is a known carcinogen and is a by product of gasoline/petrol. It is also illegal to use in consumer used products in all other countries other then the USA. Tallow is road kill….they take all the bodies of the dead animals on the road and bring them to rendering plants and boil the bodies down. The fat that rises up to the tip is processed and used as a filler in popular cosmetics and skin care products)AddThis Social Bookmark Button


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