Rub and Tug Anyone?

15brothel.jpgDoes anyone know what a rub and tug is? I never knew until recently I went to lunch with a friend who is a legitimate massage therapist. She was telling me a story about this massage parlor that is in our town that one of her neighbors went too. The massage was a lot to be desired, the women there seemed to not know what they were doing. Just out of curiosities sake, she and I went to investigate (thats what us moms do when we are bored, lol). We approached this unassuming house that had a neon sign on front that was not lit, or it would have said opened. The curtains were drawn except for a small crack in them. When we pulled in we saw a couple of Asian women peeking between them looking at us from inside. We debated whether we should go in or not, it looked a bit odd for our rural/suburban small town that was established in 1806.We got out of the car and approached the door. My friend was brave enough to ring the doorbell and I proceeded to just open the door. The entire experience was a very odd. Inside were 2 asian women dressed more like call girls then massage therapists. I had no idea baby pink nurses uniforms came with puffy short sleeves, a housekeepers apron and high heel red patent leather pumps. I asked them if they were Korean, they said no Chinese. I then said Hong Kong, they said Bejing. After seeing a piece on 20/20 about Asian women being brought over here as sex slaves, I was totally convinced that this was one of those places! The women could only give us simple answers to questions, whether they understood us entirely or not, and the only phrase they seemed to say was “you want massage”. One of the women handed us a “menu” of items that we could indulge it, but very simply it said, Head massage $35, feet massage $40, 1 hour body $65, because it smelled really badly in there and there was a smudge mark on the menu neither one of us wanted to touch it….yes our imaginations began to run wild with that one. It was just gross. My friend asked what type of massage they did and the women looked at her like she had 3 heads.After we left we talked a second or two about the women inside and saw them once again peeking out from the crack in the curtain watching us until we pulled away.Since that day, when I drive past I always see men coming in or out of the place, mostly with out of state plates. ON another occasion after having dinner with a couple we are friendly with, I told my husband and these friends the story and my experience at this massage place. The couple we were with was very intrigued and we all agreed to stop there again, they really did not believe what I was saying, not in this rural, suburban unassuming town.Again we pulled up, but this time the sign OPEN was lit and it was about 11 pm. My husband working with the stock market refused to get out of the car in his words, “it will be just my luck to go into this place and have the cops or 20/20 bust it up and have me on camera.” So he sat in the car as my friend, her husband and I went in. The door was opened, the curtains again were cracked open and this time there were 2 different Asian women there, dressed in the same type of wardrobe as the previous two. They asked my friends husband if he want massage, we looked at the menu. My friend and her husband were actually considering having a foot massage there figuring how bad can that be and this way they can get a better feel for this place. But us being in the same car and me refusing to remove any of my clothing, socks included in a place like that had us all leaving. Who knows what bacteria lurks in this place…..yuck!I was actually hoping to get someone in the place to be able to speak a little english. I would love to know what the story is about these women. I would love to know why they work in such conditions dressed the way they do. I would hate to think that something horrible is happening in my neighborhood like a sex slave ring. The thing on 20/20 had said that these women are dying for a better life. So when they are promised a trip to the USA to work as nannies, and have the possibility of living the american dream, then when they get here they are forced into these dire situations. Having no english knowledge and not knowing a sole and having their families lives on the line and threatened if they should leave before they pay back their transportation to the USA is such an incredible thing to comprehend. All I could think about is running back there with a friend that speaks Chinese to ask these women if they are being held captive or fear for the lives of their families. The thing I fear is that the people who have these so called massage parlors being run are usually involved in some form of organized crime and it scares me to think that I would be getting myself involved in something like that. Not sure I am in any position to do anything to help these women if indeed they even want help?  For a different type of “rise”, you can get rid of your wrinkles in 5 minutes using the Galvanic Spa.  Not sure I would suggests using it in “those” certain areas of your body, although it may lift the boobs a bit. lol Check out the before and after pictures.  Pretty impressive!  AddThis Social Bookmark Button


5 thoughts on “Rub and Tug Anyone?

  1. You seem surprised, you’re not aware these places are everywhere. I agree though if anyone is here against their will that’s bad. But contrary to 20/20, most of the Russian and Asian places use girls who not only live in the US but often are here legally and choose to do that type of work because they make crazy money all cash…then the go back to St. Petersberg, or find a way to stay here legally or they just stay illegally. Prostitution should be legal. It’s only when our society make s things like drugs and sex illegal that we begin to encounter problems associated with these 2 things that have been and will be with us till the end of time…making sex ilegal promotes organized crime, disease, human trafficking and death.

  2. Truly you are naive if your “Rub and Tug” story is genuine.

    The brothel that you encountered was not inhabited by sex slaves, or else it would have had security to prevent the escape of the Asian women that you encountered.

    These establishments are staffed by people from various backgrounds:
    People who simply want to earn more money than they could in other jobs
    People with poor language skills and a lack of education preventing them obtaining a more respectable job
    All the way to….
    People with a drug habit that they need to fund
    Individuals on short term visas, or who have overstayed their visas seeking to make quick cash
    Illegal immigrants being exploited as sex slaves

    One thing is for sure, the women that you encountered don’t want your help, they want customers!

  3. Naive is the correct word. It is likely that most prostitutes did not choose their jobs out of a big list of viable alternatives. But one should realize that some cultures weren’t founded on Puritanism and therefore don’t feel it’s beneath their pretend-dignity to behave like the mammals they are. A massage with a “happy ending” is considered civilized in some non-puritanical parts of the world. Unlike the US, some people in the world think sex is good and violence is bad. Imagine that!

    1. Thats EXACTLY what he said. He was afraid that with his luck, he would walk out and one of those tv shows ill be standing outside with a camera. lol

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