Things Men Don’t Like

annoyedman.jpgThe same way we are always complaining about how men never understand us, or how they usually say the wrong thing, we women also some times don’t understand men’s feelings and while something might be very sweet for us, for men is a completely turn off, so we should pay special attention on how we treat them and talk to them. I’ve found that there are some things we should never say to our man, here is a list of the those things so next time you are with your boyfriend or husband think properly before talking.The first thing that scares all man, it doesn’t matter their age, nationality or religion is: WE NEED TO TALK. I don’t really know why but I guess that all men assume that whenever we need to talk is to tell them we want a serious relationship, or we are pregnant, or they did something wrong, or many other ideas that I seriously have no idea where did they get them from. You’ll realize that when you tell that phrase to a man he’ll disappear, he’ll find any excuse to get avoid that conversation. I think that the best way to approach a man when we “need” to talk is first: never to say “we need to talk”; second: find a comfortable place where he doesn’t feel intimidated (or where he can’t get away from you, like his apartment or a place outside the city) and third: start the conversation the same way you start any other conversation, no introductions, no special preparations, so that even if is a very serious topic, the whole conversation can be in a very relaxed mood and your partner doesn’t feel like he’s being tested or forced to give an answer, explanation or excuse for something.Another thing that men really don’t like hearing is: YOU LOOK CUTE. Whenever I say that to a man, I always get the same answer accompanied by a not so happy face: “Men are not supposed to be cute”. Men really don’t want to hear that they are cute, or that something they are wearing looks cute or that something they have is cute. So next time you want to compliment a man, you can better say: “you look hot”, or “I love how that t-shirt looks on you” or if you want to compliment something they love or something they bought like a pair of shoes, or a mobile phone, you’ll be better just saying: “I really like that (thing), you couldn’t have chosen a better one”; and you’ll soon see the nicest smile on his face and he’ll enjoy asking for your opinion next time.Men are crazy about sports, whether it is baseball, basketball, football or soccer, they feel like they always HAVE to know what’s happening, they always NEED to watch the games, so if you tell them: IT’S JUST A GAME, you can be sure that they’ll get really upset, it would be like telling us that all soap operas end the same way or that there’s no difference between Private Practise and Grey’s Anatomy. You must understand that you can’t expect a man to change his habits because of you, so a good way to deal with the “sports issues” between men and women is to respect their wishes, if you can seat with him to watch his favorite sport, check on Internet first for rules, history and previous scores so you don’t need to be asking him every five minutes, that will just make distract him and he won’t want you to watch the game again. If one game and your favorite show or soap opera are at the same time, first you can see if one of them is available on Internet so you both can enjoy it at the same time, you can alternate every time if you don’t like watching your soap opera on the computer. If it’s not possible to watch it on Internet, then you’ll need to record one of them to watch later, you can make arranges so each time a different person get to watch the show or the game while the other one wait and watch after. Remember that the key to a successful relationship is to respect and communication, so make sure you do it so you can expect him to do it too.Some men have an extra sense to realize when something is wrong with us, and some times our face and body language tells everything, so they know when something is bothering us, there’s really no point on saying: NOTHING IS WRONG, because they’ll just try to guess and believe me, they almost never guess right so we get very mad. So next time you tell him “nothing is wrong” they’ll either ignore you and avoid guessing and trying to help you or just get upset because they know what’s coming next.If your date went wrong and you realize you don’t want to see him again, don’t tell him: I JUST WANT TO BE FRIENDS, they might think they have a chance and keep calling you, and you don’t want that. It’s like telling us: “I’ll call you”. So they’ll appreciate better you to be completely honest with them, if you don’t want to keep dating him or getting his calls just tell him, in a nice way of course, they’ll appreciate it.To me seriously SIZE DOESN’T MATTER, but to them that’s like telling us “your outfit doesn’t matter”, that’s not completely true and just annoy us. Men just want to be complimented or reassured that there you are completely happy with their size, so you can choose not to say anything at all or explain them that they have just the right size for you, the one you like and enjoy, you won’t believe how they appreciate those words.These are just a few examples, if you know of any other things men don’t like hearing, share with us.AddThis Social Bookmark Button


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