What’s up with eyelashes?

long-eyelashes.jpgWhen I was younger I would sit and watch my mother as she applied her makeup in her bathroom in the morning. The thing that would always intrigue me was when she got to her lashes. She had these huge false lashes that she would use if she was going someplace on the fancy side, otherwise, she would use what I always thought was some type of torture device to curl her lashes. When she left I would sit in her bathroom and try to curl my own lashes with the “torture device”. I used it improperly of course, being all o f 8 years old when I did it, I ended up getting my lashes caught in the side of the curler. I fear of being screamed at by my grandmother who watched me after mom left, I had to get the thing unstuck myself…so of course I pulled it off, ripping out most of my lashes on that eye! I could feel the pain all over again as I write this. Well thank god lashes grow back…eventually.We all know that with age comes horrible (if any) lashes. They get so thin we have to pile on the mascara to make us look like we have any at all. Doing this without looking like a Tammie Faye Baker is a tough thing to do. Most people do not realize lashes have a life cycle of their own. Lashes on average have a 30-60 day life span, always regenerating themselves. However with the aging process this life cycle lows down substantially.Being a product whore that I am, I recently came across a product that helps your lashes firmly take root in the lid so they do not fall out. It also prevents lashes from breaking and repairs them should you do something stupid like I did. People do not realize that the environment not only wreaks havoc on our skin but it does the same thing to our hair and our lashes. This product I love, has vitamin supplements in it to help repair, and grow lashes, making them thicker and fuller. Ask me what it is and you may get one sent to you for free!  It’s the only product of its kind on the market right now. The brush applicator of this Lash Miracle is small enough that it makes it easy to apply this light cream to the lash line.A combination of bioflavanoids, amino acids, antioxidents and vitamins combat the aging process of our lashes, by “cementing” them into place by bringing nutrients to the hair follicle and strengthening the roots. The bioflavanoids are made up of green leafy vegetables and are combined with other key ingredients such as green tea, grape seed extract, fennel seed, horsetail, and ginseng root. Just an FYI, horsetail root is not from an actual horse. 🙂 Horsetail is an herb and it helps firm skin. Green tea and grape seed extract used in this form are strong anti-oxidents that help protect against free radicals before they can damage the skin or your lashes.Once you apply this lash enhancer, you let it dry before you apply your eye makeup. Once again as this company is true to form, there are NO animal by products in their formulation, and NO animal testing has been done. The products are dermatologist and opthalmologist tested and have patents pending in 3 countries.Sure beats expensive eye lash extensions every 2-3 weeks at a couple hundred bucks a clip!AddThis Social Bookmark Button


2 thoughts on “What’s up with eyelashes?

  1. hey, what is this product? i really need help. My wedding is coming up and these days my eye lashes are falling out. so Please help me.

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