Cellulite Remedies

Even though I’ve always been very thin (usually less than 100 pounds), I found myself with cellulite. At the beginning I thought that was impossible and unfair, because I used to think that cellulite was just for fat people, ignorant right? The thing is now I know better than that, I know that cellulite is not exclusive for some kind of women, I know that cellulite is not an illness but a disorder and the most important thing I learned was that it can be treated with home remedies. So here I’m giving you a few tips that should definitely help you eliminate your cellulite or if you don’t have it then you’ll learn to avoid it.

  1. FACT 1: Cellulite is a type of female skin disorder, cells trapped by fibers that form a network.
  2. FACT 2: Those fibers are supposed to be cleansed by body fluids,so a poor circulation will result in a cellulite case.
  3. FACT 3: Cellulite is also called “orange peel”.
  4. FACT 4:Common cellulite symptoms are: heaviness or tightness in the legs, tenderness when pressed or massaged.
  5. FACT 5:Cellulite is a very clear sign of unhealthy lifestyle
  6. FACT 6:Cellulite is more likely to appear on thighs and bottom.
  7. FACT 7:85% to 98% of females suffer from cellulite.
  8. FACT 8: Cellulite can be treated with home remedies or with medical treatments.
  9. FACT 9: Cream based products are recommended for cellulite reduction. This products usually contain botanical ingredients like: sweet clover, ivy barley, lemon, kola nut, fennel, algae and strawberry.
  10. FACT 10:Drinking plenty of water every day, together with some many other juices and drinks can help you eliminate cellulite.
  11. FACT 11: You should daily drink 3 glasses of freshly squeezed lemons in a cup water and a inch of cayenne to stimulate circulation and eliminate cellulite.
  12. FACT 12: Some other cellulite remedies can be drinking natural juices, eating onions, fiber, chlorophyll-rich foods, wholegrain foods, drinking green tea, taking vitamin A, proteins, amino acids, fresh fruits and vegetables (that won’t allow fat tissues to from).
  13. FACT 13:A low-fat diet can also help you reduce your cellulite problem or avoid it in case you don’t have it.
  14. FACT 14:Stress is one of the many cellulite causes, so a daily exercises or dancing routine can help you relax, eliminate cellulite and keep your body in shape. Yoga is one of the best relaxing methods to relax, so if you are experience some stress related cellulite, you should start practising it.
  15. FACT 15: Smoking, drugs, coffee and any kind of addiction as well as some types of medication can trigger your cellulite problem, so in order to eliminate it you should avoid addictions and live a healthy and clean life.
  16. FACT 16: A good way to eliminate cellulite is by increasing your blood and fluids circulation, for that you can use a body brush for dry skin when bathing (if heard many good things about it) and you can also keep your feet up, you should keep your legs elevated while watching TV, reading or resting, that helps the nutrients and fluids to circulate all over your legs, from your thighs to your feet.
  17. FACT 17: Aromatherapy is a great remedy to avoid cellulite.
  18. FACT 18: Essential oils such as cedarwood, juniper, patcholi, Rosemary and fennel oils are effective remedies for treating cellulite.
  19. FACT 19: You can massage the cellulite affected areas with some essential oils mixtures that you can prepare on the comfort of your home.
  20. FACT 20: You can prepare the mixture for an effective anti-cellulite massage by mixing some of the above mentioned anti-cellulite oils (you can use more than one each time) with fresh water, then you can apply it mixture on the thighs and other cellulite affected regions. This very simple massage routine will help you reducing cellulite.As you can see, cellulite is actually easy to reduce and eventually eliminate, is everything about pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

If you are looking for faster results then you should purchase any of the OTC creams, but be very careful of their ingredients and check for references before buying. There’s a very useful 2 steps set cellulite treatment that I recommend to use, is pure, safe and beneficial. You can buy the pre-shower cellulite scrub, a botanically-based formula that is applied dry — before showering — to visually tone, tighten and prep skin for step 2, the Contouring Cellulite Cream. I hope this information can be very useful and I’ll keep looking for some home remedies to treat cellulite to let you know but in the meantime make sure to have a balanced diet and healthy life style.

Do you know any other remedies for eliminating cellulite?
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7 thoughts on “Cellulite Remedies

  1. Chinese Medicine and acupuncture is very effective in combating and reducing cellulite.

    The facts you have stated above are certainly true.

    Acupuncture helps improve more blood flow and circulation to those cellulite areas and therefore helps remove toxins and bring more nutrient rich blood to the areas.

    This enables cellular metabolism to function better and reduce cellulite.

    There are also chinese herbal medicine products that have been used to treat cellulite for thousands of years. yes, cellulite has been around forever and people have cared about their looks for that long too.

    Check out this product and read about it.

    I specialize in holistic beauty enhancement from a chinese medical perspective and it really does work well.

    Any questions, I would be glad to help.

    Best Wishes

  2. Cellulite is plainly fat. You don’t need to spend too much on the laser treatment. OTC creams work just fine. Make sure that they can penetrate beneath the skin and break down the fat.

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