What Makes Us Happy?

Today my friend had to read an article to make a review for his class tomorrow, at first we thought it would be a little boring, but just the title made us wonder and keep reading, the title was something like this: WHAT MAKES US HAPPY?

You would be surprised of how many different things can make us happy and that how actually so little people is happy nowadays. I found that I’m definitely between one of the very small percent of happy people.

This morning one of my friends was telling me how people feel attracted to me and they want to be close to me because I try to project a very positive image and I’m always smiling. Is true that I’m always smiling and I don’t think I attract people any more than everybody does. I just have this theory that is our mission in life to make people around us happy, so I always try to help people around me, even if they are not my friends or family, I try to make people feel welcomed when they visit me and I always share everything I have, even if it means I won’t keep something to myself. Someone once told me that it was easier to cry than to smile when we were on a bad moment, so why chose the easiest choice? I definitely have my very sad days and some days when I’m not in the mood to do anything or to talk to any body, but I try that those days are the less and I try to never take it on people.

Since I’m a cancer, I guess people around me are used to see me retract to my own world for a few days and after that come out in a completely new happy mood.

One of my favorite Brazilian soap operas, EL Clon, gives a lot of insight to Muslim world, while some people might not feel attracted to their traditions and I certainly disapprove some of them (but who am I to disapprove anything anyways? ), I enjoy some of their traditions and dances. I was specially touched by watching how every time there was a really good news in their families, a wedding, a pregnancy, they’ll cook and give to the people on the streets to share their joy. Here in my school we started that tradition too, and is amazing how people just follows it and very soon people was buying presents and cooking for their friends just to share their joy, they happiness.

As part of that big chain of good deeds, all my friends and I are going to cook and have a nice dinner tomorrow in our dorm, I’m very excited about it. We’ll have some African food, some Tajik’s salad, some Cuban salad too, so it will be like a big feast for us, as a farewell for our winter holidays.So all of this events today made me wonder, why I’m I happy? What makes me a happy person? Those are not very easy to answer questions, so I took a pencil and a little notebook and started a list of the things that I’m happy and grateful for. I then realized that just by reading those things I suddenly became even happier than before. So I decided to make a tradition, to make my own ritual, I will write as often as possible all the things, even the little ones that make me happy, so whenever I’m not feeling in a good mood I’ll read them and feel better. I can also show it to my friends and they’ll realize all the things they are happy for and they might start doing it also, and it can be a really big chain of “reasons why I am happy”.

I personally I’m very happy and grateful that I’m alive, even though the very close people to us die, we should be grateful that we get to live every day one more day, we can do all the things we have always wished for. I just think of every day as if it were the last one of my life, it’s a little overwhelming at first but I’m getting used to do everything I want just now(if possible of course), never to miss a chance to say to someone how much we love and miss them and specially to tell them how special we feel to have them in their lifes.

I’m also very happy and grateful for my great family. I can say they are the best family in the whole world. They love me just as much as I love all of them, they protect me, support me on my decisions and help me every single time I need it. I thank every day for the great honour of being born in that lovely family and I wouldn’t change any minute with them for anything in this world.

Other thing I’m completely grateful for and that makes me very happy is to have such wonderful friends, both in China and in my own country. They are my support, my family when I’m away from my country and my link to my country when I’m away from there. They are always there for me, on the good and on the really bad moments when nothing makes sense and it seems like there is no reason to keep going. So yes, I’m a very happy and grateful person, what about you?
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