Beauty and the Media

I am the first one to say that the media has created a problem for the young people of the world, heck they created a problem for all of us. They always portray that the beautiful people are size 0 and they are flawless. The thing you do not see is that these “flawless” people are piled high with makeup. Did you ever pick up one of those tabloid papers, like US or PEOPLE magazine. They have real pictures in there of those “stars” we see on tv that look as though they are a size 0, but truly they are not. Truth be told, those people are the ones who keep companies like SPANX in business. You know SPANX, they are those body hugging, like you can’t breath, support undergarments. Get a glimpse of those same stars from the red carpet on the beach, can’t wear SPANX there and see what their bodies really look like. Look I wear SPANX, I buy into that whole trying to look thinner then I am concept. I am just as shallow as the next person when it comes to my appearance. One things for sure, I would love to see those same stars that look so thin actually come clean and say, you know, I am tired of wearing all this “stuff” to appear like something I am not and I want to show the world that it is ok to be imperfect. Afterall, the world is mostly made up of people who are NOT size 0 at all. Its the pressure of society to be the most beautiful, the most popular, the most whatever that makes us feel bad about ourselves, and has our self image suffering. Its that same pressure that causes our kids to have eating disorders and suffer from depression.We have to find a happy medium here someplace. We all know that the better you look, usually the better you feel. But where is that happy medium? If the media continues the way its been since television has been invented, how can we change the way we feel about ourselves? How can we help the young people of the world understand that that is truly not what life should be about? I think that happy medium has to come from us, the consumers, the television watchers, the young people, the parents. We have to somehow pressure the media to change the way things have been done for eons.You have to applaud DOVE soap for their attempt at humanizing the media and having the women in their commercials and ads that are not what we now know as “model” bodies, they are shapely, beautiful women of the world. The ones that feel good about themselves despite the fact that some of the smaller women in the world think they may be overweight or unfit. I give them a ton of credit and applaud their ability to show who they truly are in a public forum. Doves attempt at changing the way we look at women is a model that I think other companies should look at when selling their products. Don’t those companies realize that the majority of consumers are not those tiny little bodied people, but those represented by DOVE in their ads and commercials? If companies realized that and focused on selling to the masses, as opposed to selling to those tiny people, they could stand to have a big hike in their product sales. To those corporate executives and advertising agencies creating those ads: wake up and really have a good long look at who your consumers are, you could increase sales tenfold if you did.
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4 thoughts on “Beauty and the Media

  1. Hi there, well said! I like your stand towards how media has projected beauty. I like that Dove ad very much too. I have watched it a few times and I think the impact is still very strong. 🙂

  2. hi i so agree with you a wrote i wrote something similar on my blog perhaps you`d like to have a look when you have time, i find in my job how much these ads affect women of all ages and i try to point out the truth as much as i can because i know the techniques for for faking the truth

  3. The truth is the key and if we focused more on the beauty of all women no matter what shape or size, we would live in a much happier, healthier place. Its a shame that young girls as young as 13 are forcing themselves to either not eat or vomit after eating all because of the stress they feel to be stick thin. The media should start looking at reality that we are not such a super thin society, and start focusing their attention on the majority rather then the illusion of us all fitting into the mold they so graciously provide us daily with their advertising…we are not all build like Elle McPhereson, or Patrick Dempsy.

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