Things Women Don’t Like

In another post I was talking about all those things men don’t like hearing from us women, and I got to think that there are also many things that men say or do that make us very uncomfortable and even mad. Here I’m writing an small list of some of this things that women don’t like, so we can tell it to our man.

We don’t like hearing how much did something cost. We seriously don’t want to know how much did he buy his car or house for. While we want to make sure that a man has a certain economic stability, we don’t care about exact prices and we won’t certainly love you more or less according to your possession’s prices.

We don’t like a guy who’s best friend is his mother. A man’s relationship with his family and specially his mother tells us a lot about his personality and his past. We want a man who has a very good relationship with his mother, but that is confident enough to make other friends outside his family members.

We don’t like a guy who checks out other women. I personally can’t stand a guy with wondering eyes. So I think most women can’t also stand a guy who is constantly checking our assistant, our friend, our baby-sitter or just any woman who passes next to him.

We don’t like a guy who “forgets” to carry cash. We are not asking any man to carry a lot of cash every time he’s going to meet us, but not to bring any cash on a date, or when he knows we are getting together is just unacceptable. The first time might be an honest mistake, but be very careful the next time he “forgets” to bring cash, you might end up paying for everything, even for your wedding day.

We don’t like a guy who is mean, rude and screams. We can’t really be together with a man who disrespect others, who screams at people and even to dogs. If he can’t control his temper, then we can expect everything from him.

We don’t like a man who criticizes our hair style. Our style, our look in general usually takes us some time to be that way it is, and most important is that man should understand that our look, our style, our hair style also defines our personality, so we don’t want a man who criticizes us. I love when a man compliments us on our new look, or a nice new outfit we are wearing, we even appreciate when they tell us in a gentle way when they don’t really like something we are wearing or our next hair cut, but we can’t really let any man criticize us.

We don’t like a man who thinks he has everything under control. Man like to pretend they know what they are doing even if they don’t have a clue. They won’t ask for directions even if they are on a completely new neighborhood, they won’t read instructions because all equipments are assembly the same way. So most of the time we end up saying something they really hate: “I told you so”. So, we need to make sure that our guy will ask for directions, will read instructions, will admit when he’s wrong or lost.

We don’t like a man who compares us. We don’t want to look like his sister, his mother, his ex or any other woman on his life. We are unique and special and we want to believe that he is with us because he loves us and he finds something special about us, not because we remind him of someone.

We don’t like a man who tells us we are acting emotional. We are indeed emotional persons, but we don’t like them to tell us. Sometimes we overreact, we act a little bit emotional, even irrational, but they knew that since they met us, they actually should know that from a long time ago, so there’s not point in telling us, specially when we are having a bad time, that’s just make us even more emotional.

And last but not least, we don’t like a man who controls us. We can’t and should never allow any man to control us. Not even our food, our style, our money, our lifestyle in general. Even in marriage we need our freedom to take our own decisions, our privacy to use our time they way we want. We should be very careful of very controlling man, who most of the time turn out to be extremely jealous and even violent. The smallest signs can alert you of this problem, you should never allow any man to control who do you talk to, who do you call or email, who controls your friends and your free time…well, once you have identify one of those signs is time to get out of the relationship, even out of marriage, is never too late to start over again.

I hope this post is useful to all of you and feel free to tell us what don’t you like in a man.
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4 thoughts on “Things Women Don’t Like

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