Hurry Open the Window!

When it comes to women’s health and well being the one thing I think most women can agree upon is that we dread the onset of menopause. The biggest complaint in perimenopause and menopausal women are hot flashes. I was talking to a friend of mine a few days ago while trying to get a lunch date together and she told me she had not been out of the house for several days because her hot flashes were so severe that they were embarrassing. She would drench her clothing to the point it looked as though she just came in from a rain storm so instead she choose to stay at home.

Well there may indeed be some help for those suffering through menopausal hot flashes, it’s called phytotherapy. Phytotherapy is the use of medicinal plants to heal and restore balance to a womans body. It has actually been around for many years but until recently has not really been looked at as a serious combatant to symptoms of menopause.

Plants are truly amazing, and if you have been reading this blog for some time you will see that very often we touch on the beneficial ingredients plants have to offer by of beauty and health. Research is currently being conducted by a variety of reliable sources into the healing effects that plants actually have.

A majority of people are now looking towards naturals ways of healing as opposed to the using over the counter medications and prescriptions. It is fast becoming the preferred way of “getting better” no matter what the ailment.

Some common herbs that have been used in combating hot flashes are:

Black Cohosh: An herb that reduces hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings. It has been used for 100 years by American Indians and for the past 50 years in Germany.

Dong Quai, or Chinese Angelica: An herb native to China and is used commonly in Eastern medicine and cooking. Nicknamed the “female ginseng,” dong quai is seen as one of the foremost herbs in treating symptoms of menopause. Dong quai contains phytoestrogens that bind to the estrogen receptors in our body, thereby increasing our levels of estrogen. This increased estrogen then works to reduce a variety of menopausal symptoms. Dong quai also contains Vitamins E, A, and B12.

Maca Root: Used for centuries in South America thought to be an aphrodisiac and have sexual benefits. It does not contain plant estrogens, but it does contain much needed, calcium, magnesium, zinc, Vitamins B1, B2, B12, C and E, especially during menopause and perimenopause.

Red Clover: A premium source of phytoestrogen (plant estrogens) that closely resemble and mimic female estrogen. This phytoestrogen increases the amount of estrogen in our bodies helping to eliminate symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes. Red Clover contains vitamins and minerals such as; calcium, magnesium, niacin, potassium, and Vitamin C.

There is a cream that contains the elements listed from above that has shown to effectively help in treating menopause symptoms. My favorite natural balancing cream has been enriched with these botanicals, designed to help restore balance. It comes conveniently packaged in a metered pump system to make sure you get just the right amount. It is a light, greaseless cream, free of fragrance and colors.

The recommended use of this product is 1 pump to 2 pumps of the product per day. That translates to 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon per day. If doing one pump it should be applied in the evening, if 2 pumps are necessary then one should be in the morning and one in the evening. It is also applied to the thinnest tissue on a womens body, under her forearm, on her inner thigh, etc. 

My friend who could not leave the house swears by this cream now. She cannot be caught without it. She carries it with her in her bag out of pure fear that she will humiliate herself by sweating and drenching her clothing, but has not had an incident of it since she has been using the product. It sure beats locking yourself away until the hot flash period of menopause passes and unfortuntly for us women, that can take a while (weeks to months!).

Share your experiences with products on hot flash remedies, we’d love to hear from you.
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7 thoughts on “Hurry Open the Window!

  1. All I can say is that my girlfriend swears by that Arbonne Phytoprolief stuff. She does not crank open the windows as often as she once did. I guess I should be thankful for not being frozen out of my house! I’ve tried some of their products, they are pretty good.

  2. If you suffer from hot flashes, anything that will help is key! I have friends who have tried everything and they also think that this product is effective in helping them.

  3. i will certainly have to check the Arbonne stuff out myself. I had never heard of it before… anyone else with suggestions? i came across this page, this has a pretty indepth look at lots of different herbs and vitamins, if anyone’s interested (spoiler: vitamins are the least proven to help, soy the most proven)

    thanks for this post and discussion


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