Need a pick me up?

I have worked off and on as a massage therapist for many years and one thing I can not live without is the wonderful effects of essential oils. We all feel down or moody at times and want to try anything to get in a better mood. I have woken up in the morning and just been in a bad mood for no reason. A quick and natural mood lifter can be found in using aromatherapy. To start off on the right track and lift your spirits try smelling citrus pine or any lemony/orangey scent. It balances and lifts your mood regenerating a sluggish mood. These scents are great at inducing clarity, also. So next time you are paying bills, in Wal-Mart, or just mad at the world try spraying or just smelling some of these scents.

So now you are all uplifted and feeling great, what do you do to relax? Some great essential oils to use are Ylang Ylang, Chamomile, Sage, and Lavender. Ylang Ylang has a fresh floral scent and can do a number of things in your aromatherapy regiment. It helps relax the mind and the body, a great anti-depressant and stress relief. A little goes a long way with this one, so doesn’t overuse or you could be more stressed from a headache! We have all heard that Chamomile tea is great to drink at night to relax but it is also good for aching muscles or tension. Stock up on this as an essential oil it is great to keep handy. Lavender is a common perfume fragrance, used a lot in air fresheners. It has an uplifting, relaxing effect. It is also good for your skin, has a toning and lifting effect.

These are all great essential oils but there are a lot more out there. These oils can also be added into lotions, oils and creams you use. However, I wouldn’t use Ylang Ylang this way. These are some common essentials oils you can pick up at most places that sell incense. Try them out for yourself and see how much you like them!!

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