Preparing For A Bikini Wax

Dreaming of strutting down the beach in that very sexy bikini? Wearing the skimpiest bikini in the world will definitely turn heads and make you a major babe, but it’s not something you can easily do. It calls for major preparation, like that one process most women dread: the bikini wax. Unless of course, you want hidden hair to play peek-a-boo and turn off all the hot guys.

Some women go through the process like it’s the most natural thing to do. If you’re not one of them, take comfort in the fact that 99% of bikini wax virgins are absolutely scared. After all, hair removal using waxing could be really painful. Unless you have a very high tolerance to pain, much preparation is definitely needed if you want to make things a bit easier.

First of all, if you’re a diabetic, has a skin condition, or under certain sensitive medications, you cannot have a bikini wax. Furthermore, if you have your menstrual period or expecting a baby, you’re not allowed as well as your pain tolerance during times like these is low. If you’re unsure about your condition, better ask your physician.

Once you know you can do it, choose the best professional person to do the waxing. Of course, you have to choose a credible and respected beauty salon as well to lower the risk of being treated by a nervous neophyte. Those who have years of practice know how to make everything easier and make the process more relaxing for you.

Another thing that matters is the length of the hair. Too long may have to be cut prior to the treatment, which would take a longer time. Too short hair is very hard to remove. It is best to have it at ½ to ¼ inch in length before the bikini wax.

Taking a relaxing drug or a mild anesthetic prior to the process also helps, especially if you have a low tolerance for pain. In some ways, it also works psychologically, which could only benefit you.

Once everything is set, smile, take a deep breath, and go for gold! Remember, no pain, no gain. And I’m telling you, all the hot stares and attention from the male species at the beach will be well worth it. 😉 Besides, after your first waxing, the next ones are bound to get easier. 🙂

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