8 Ways to know she is in love

Men usually complain they can’t understand us, they can’t read our mind or just figure what we are thinking about, but for us women is very easy to understand each other. We can usually read other women’s body language so we realize when one of us is in love. Even though there are no written rules that say when women are in love, he are a few tips from my personal experience, to know when you are in love or to know when your friend/girlfriend is in love: You know she’s in love when:1.) She checks her hair when she sees or talks about him: I’m sure all of us has realized how as soon as we see the guy we like, our boyfriend or our husband, we tend to immediately check our hair. Seems incredibly but is a reflex. I think we do this because we want him to see us looking our best, flawless. Is also common that when we are in a new relationship or when we are deeply in love that we go several times to the hair dresser or to the manicure. We are always trying to be beautiful “for him”. This is a very good sign that we really have feelings for him, but we should never forget that even if we are single, we need to look beautiful just for ourselves.2.) She checks her mobile phone or email very every five minutes: I know of many friends who don’t even use a mobile phone until they met someone really special, and then they spend every second checking for his messages, his calls or emails. So if you find yourself wandering whether he called you or not, you want to know what he’s doing, you want him to say nice things to you, is almost a sure sign that you are falling for him. Is also very important also that you sometimes send him messages and “cute” emails, he also needs to know you are interested on him.3.) She smiles when thinking about him or talking about him: As I’ve said in some posts before, a smile is a clear sign that there’s something going on, if you find yourself or your friend smiling when talking about him, or just smiling and thinking (about him), then you must be in love. If we think that smiles are a reflex of our feelings, our happiness, is a reaction to something or someone we like or love, something that is “sweet” to us, then is clear that a smile is definitely a clue.4.) She misses him: Is true that women usually want to keep their independence and privacy while in a relationship but if you miss your boyfriend when you don’t spend your night together, or when he’s away on travel, then is clear that he had become an important part of your life. But what is also true, is that if you miss him while you are just separated during the day, when you are at school or work, then you must really be in love. You miss him when you find yourself wondering what is he doing, when you want to phone him just to listen to his voice, when you think what would he be doing if he were right there with you. Is true that we shouldn’t forget about ourselves and our privacy to be with our couple, but there’s nothing nicer than to run to meet him when you are missing him, right?5.) She admires him: Even if he’s not the cutest, the smartest or the richest, you admire his little actions, you admire him for whom he is, for his personality, not for his possessions. If you admire how hard does he work to get his homework or his job done, how he can fix the little things around the house, how he helps you carry your grocery bags, then you must be in love or really falling in love. We women appreciate the little gestures, even holding hands as much as we appreciate expensive presents.6.) She introduces him to her friends: Why do you think some dating books advice men to get close to the friends of the girl they like before approaching the girl herself? That’s because we women take very seriously our friends’ advices. We want our friends to get to like him and give you their opinions before getting serious. So as soon as you start making plans for the next dinner or movie night with your boyfriend and your friends, you can be sure that everything is going well on your heart and you are serious about him.7.) She cooks for him: She doesn’t need to be a chef and I’m not even talking about a full dinner cooked by yourself, I’m just talking about when a woman wants to make her boyfriend happy, she’ll even cook for him, or just help him prepare a coffee. I think it comes with our nurturing nature, he want to feed and make our loved ones feel better. So if you cook for him and don’t feel like an employee, you even enjoy it, then is almost sure that you love him.8.) She listens to him: Most of the time we really don’t care which team won any game, or about the difference between two cars…but just listening to him sounds heavenly. When a woman really listens, pays attention to what he’s talking, when she tries to learn more about his interests and likes, and even when she changes her favorite team to cheer his team because he looks so happy and “cute” when they win, then you are definitely and deeply in love.There are many other ways to know when she’s in love, but that’ll be for my next post.How do you know you are in love?
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