How to achieve all of your goals

I like writing my goals all the time. I can say I don’t necessarily follow all of them, but I feel more inspired to achieve them and to remind me every day, I think that what really matters is today, so by achieving something even little every day, I feel closer to my final goal. To properly achieve our goals, whether they are personals, financials, educational or any other category, we need to start by defining what do we really want to achieve. You can’t just say you can to learn foreign languages, but to specify what language, you can also specify how many pounds you want to lose, how many places do you want to visit or how much money do you want to save.You need to set a clear and realistic goal. Be honest and set a goal that is a challenge but that is also withing your abilities. If you are planning to learn a language for instance, you should give yourself some time to learn it properly, you can’t learn a proper language in 2 weeks. So your clear and honest goal can be something like: “Learn properly Spanish pronunciation in 3 months”.Once you set your clear and realistic goal, then you should create a plan to achieve it. Think of all the many different steps you need to meet your bigger goal and plan a way to also achieving them. When you take things slowly you can appreciate better your progress.Even when we put all our goal plans together, we tend to forget with the pass of the time, so is also very important to make a reminder program to keep in mind every day your biggest goals. If we remember every day what we want to achieve, if we look at it every day, if we talk about it and keep an actual report of our progress, then we are definitely most likely to achieve everything we plan. We can write a diary just about your goals, our progress and our challenges. We can also make an inspirational book/notebook, were we can write our steps to achieve our goals, we can paste pictures, add graphics, inspirational quotes or write down important websites, books or personalities that might be useful to achieve our goals. We can also make a collage of pictures or inspirational quotes on the walls, on the fridge, on any place we need to face every day.Another step you need to follow to achieve your goals is to >b>prepare yourself for challenges. You can’t expect everything to go just the way you want, so you should always have a back up plan, in case something was wrong or any situation changes. The most frequent challenges and that usually make us forget about our goals, are the lack of time and energy, so when preparing your plan, you can enrol other people on the small steps to achieve the small steps, you can use other people’s help to write down the progress of your goal, to make your registration to magazines, websites, to make telephone orders. People love helping other achieve their goals so you won’t have any problem if you don’t have a lot of time. Another way to overcome the lack of energy or inspiration can be to set your goal at the same time than a friend or a family member, you can even set the same goal to be achieved at the same time, so you won’t fall back when you see someone else reaching to your goal.Just as I mentioned before, one of the most important steps to achieving our goals, is to actually ask for help. It might seem like obvious, but is not. Some people thing they can achieve great goals without help, or try to surprise others, let me just tell you, you can’t achieve any goal by yourself. Is OK to ask for help and to share our goals, the person you want to surprise might even like better to be a part of the whole process.When you are very stressed and overwhelming with your goals, is OK to take a break. It might be as short as a few hours, or as long as you want. But what’s important is to always remember your final goal, and that you are NOT having a break from the goal per se, but from the stress of the progress. Even if you really want to achieve your goals, most of the time, the road to it is not very enjoyable.The last and probably one of the most important steps of achieving goals is to be thankful and happy with your progress. You have to show gratitude for what you are about to receive, and you most be happy and congratulate yourself for the little progress, even if you just overcome on small step to your goal, you should find a way to congratulate and encourage yourself to keep going. A trip to the gym or to the spa, a new book or watching a new movies can be great way to congratulate yourself.I hope this article can be very helpful on your way to achieve your goals. If you already created a plan or set a goal, you can share it with us and we’d love to share the whole process with you. How do you achieve your goals?
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