The Secret To My Success

There truly is a “secret to success”.
1. Get up early
2. Work Hard
3. Find Oil

There are tons of people who always complain about their job, the long hours they work and that they need more hours in the day to get things done. Having been tired of hearing co-workers complain and whine I realized I had been one of them incognito! It’s just that I did my whining (and my wine-ing) at home. Don’t misunderstand me, I loved my job and the people I worked with, but you just can’t hire someone else to do your pushups for you!

I was looking for an extra 3 hours a day to be a mom and a wife. No matter how hard I looked it just was not happening. My days turned into nights, and my nights turned into days…and here I thought I had a life. Then I realized something, if it was meant to be it was up to me and something had to give. I had made a conscious decision to give up blaming, complaining, justifying, defending and making excuses and finally chose to take control of my life! I remembered reading something Jack Canfield had written that summed it all up. He spoke about Psychoneuroimunology, broken down it means “Psycho” (dealing with the psyche, feelings) “Neuro” (affecting the nervous system) “Immunology” (being susceptible to disease). Basically everything you think will affect the outcome in your life. Ever hear the saying “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”? It’s all bought on by our own doing. This concept just hit home with me and made so much sense. So I figured that I would make an honest effort to change things in my life to afford me more time to do the things in my life that I CHOOSE to do, not that I HAVE to do.

I wanted to control my own life and NOT have my life control me. I began thinking about things in the way that would change the overall outcome of my actions. It was not easy after 40 somewhat years of “being wired” the way I had always been. No one likes change, not even when it comes wrapped with a big red ribbon on it. We are creatures of habit, so I decided to have an elastic band on my wrist, and anytime I had a thought that could in any way be shaped into a negative (for example I really want to buy that beach house, but its too expensive) I would flick that band on my wrist and re-word my statement to be something like “I will buy that beach house by May 2007”, eventually you re-wire your brain and all of your thoughts become positive no matter how you slice them. By doing this and remaining focused on the outcome you desire, it really does become yours! Here’s the proof…..

So I was in the process of doing the “re-wiring” and along comes a friend of mine with a new job opportunity for me that she said will enable me to be in control of my life again. She told me about this new company that has enormous potential and enables you to create the life you always dreamed of having. She told me she gave up her tenure, 401k and all the other bells and whistles that came with her teaching position she had for 15+ years to embark on this new adventure with this company. She gave me some samples of the products, which I loved, and decided to purchase from her. She invited me to a business presentation about the company and it all sounded too good to be true. I figured, “hey I can do this in addition to my other business and see what happens”. Well now here I sit, recruiting, but for others to join ME in MY business venture, making a decent paycheck, nothing to snuff your nose about, sent on vacations and work PART TIME! I did not fully give up my former life in graphic, because I loved the creativity, but the best part is now I CHOOSE what jobs I want to take because they are fun to do, not because I have to help support my family. The funny thing is I am in more demand now as well; I attribute that to the positive thinking and focus. I have to say, the mind really is an amazing thing and if you just put things out into the universe, somehow in some omnipotent way they do transpire. Now I have more then doubled my income, have time off, have more balance in my life and get to do the things I choose to do in my life. I’m not waiting till I retire; I am doing it all now. After all who knows what the future holds for any one of us.

So that’s the secret to success!

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3 thoughts on “The Secret To My Success

  1. Dawn, honestly, it was the easiest decision I made after trying the products. It’s kind of tough to sell something you do not believe in, but I totally 150% believe in these products! They are THAT good, and better yet, I love the health benefits of them. If you want to try them, I am happy to send you some samples.


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