3 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Bikini Top

Whether you’re overblessed in the boobs department or on the “cuter” side, wearing the perfect bikini top is important to highlight your great upper torso features and unleash your goddess from within.

As we all know, bikini tops showcase a woman’s cleavage or breast area and definitely raise the sex appeal level to new heights. But not all women can wear any type of bikini top; a woman must know what best suits her body. Choosing the wrong one not only brings out the worst; it can even risk one’s health. Here are some basic concerns and tips that should not be overlooked when choosing bikini tops.

1. Captivate with color. Bikini tops should highlight flattering features like the shape of the breasts, the shoulders, or the collarbone. Bright colored bikini tops with extra details often command attention but usually work best for the petite ones as fuller figured women may look even bigger with loud colors and bright patterns. More curvaceous babes could wear dark colored bikini tops as these induce a slimming, sexier effect.

2. Strengthen the support. Women who have less on top can try a tie-front bikini top that draws attention to the upper torso and creates magical cleavage previously inexistent. Meanwhile, bikini tops with push up paddings work great for both women who have large and small breasts. For the slight of build, push up paddings enhance the minimal cleavage and instantly transforms any thin girl into a hot babe. At the same time, push up paddings offer greater support to large-breasted women who are not advised to wear light and frail bikini tops. After all, large and sexy fronters need maximum support.

3. Feel good with the fabric. These days, bikini tops are made of all sorts of fabrics, from the regular cotton-nylon to shocking metal. For health purposes, it is best to refrain from wearing bikini tops made of rough clothing because the tough surface may damage your nipples or lovely breasts in general, and you wouldn’t want that.
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