Girl, Wake up!

relationship over There are many clues or hints that let you know your relationship is over or that he is no longer interested. Why we don’t listen, I don’t know. Now we don’t always want to admit this or maybe we are blinded by our emotions. Most of the time, though, you know. Usually, your friends are the first to tell you it’s over, sometimes before you even realize it is.

    I have experienced and been told about many red flags that women have experienced. I will name a few of the more common of them. I am sure we all can identify with a few of these, even if we don’t dare admit that we have been done this way.

  • When you haven’t talked to him in days and after you do talk he hadn’t even noticed. (It’s a good chance he doesn’t care.)
  • The times you do call (because he sure isn’t calling you) he is too busy to answer your calls, even though he had no plans.
  • You finally catch up with him and his phone rings constantly while your there and he answers every call. (I guess he is not too busy when he is with you)
  • You are now introduced to his friends, male and female, as “his friend” or “his buddy”. (that’s the worse, kinda like a jab to the heart, when did you become anyone’s buddy)
  • How about when you have to be clever just to get to spend time with him. Like when you casually mention you have tickets to his favorite sporting event and you wait on him to ask you when are you guys going.
  • After a date, he asks you “so who else are you dating”, or even worse, he tells you a story about the girl he went out with last weekend.

I feel like when you have to try hard to make someone be with you, you are wasting your time. No one is worth all the scheming and planning we do just to get him to notice or like us. Having to chase anyone is definitely a sign you need to move on. Here are a few more funny, yet blatant, ways to recognize your time is being wasted.

  • On Valentine’s Day, he buys you a cheap gift but you find a receipt for something expensive.
  • You mention the future and he laughs!
  • He refers to you as “the one”, as in “Oh Yeah, you’re the one who likes Burberry.” (that really stings, you don’t even have a name anymore, he might as well just call you Ms. Burberry or just give you a number)
  • He’d rather do ANYTHING than be with you. You ask him to go out to eat with you and he says he can’t because he is watching Nip/Tuck on his DVR!!!!!

Come on now ladies, at that one a light really should have went off in our heads but, alas No, we simply make excuses (only we believe them) because we still want to try and make it work. The craziest one so far is when he just comes out and tells you, “I am not that interested in you anymore, I want to see other people”. This should not be your cue to start trying to “win him back”, this should be your cue to exit stage left, because you knew it was coming. Instead just muster up some confidence and with your fiercest “forget him, girl” walk, Leave Gracefully.

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