In my previous post about aromatherapy I promised to keep writing about all the different uses of aromatherapy. The one I found more appealing is without doubts, the use of Essential Oils for Emotional support. One of my favorite essential oils of the bunch, is Lavender. My mom suffers from severe migraine, and we found out that Lavender essential oil is very useful in those situations too.
Use only pure essential lavender oil to treat a migraine. If you too have migraine, you can feel some relieve by applying two drops of the oil directly to any of these areas: the temples, forehead or the base of the neck. That way the oil will penetrate directly to the selected points of migraine pain. Migraine patients usually can’t tolerate lights, sounds or movements once the pain begins, you should retire to a quiet dark room immediately after applying the lavender essential oil. For better results you can also add two to three drops of the pure Lavender essential oil to the pillowcase before lying down, and to a diffuser so the therapeutic scent moves all over the place. After this you can lie down and relax, take deep breaths and feel the scent going into your lungs and relaxing your whole body. When you exhale you can imagine all the pain going away from your head.

Under very strong migraine attacks, it might be a little bit hard to concentrate on this relaxing technique, but most migraine patients can recognize the migraine triggers and first almost unnoticed signals of a migraine attack, so as I always say, you don’t need to wait until you are sick to treat the pain, prepare your room as fast as possible and relax, the lighter the pain is, the faster an easier will be to eliminate it.

I hope this post is useful and in next posts I can introduce you to every different essential oil separately.

What’s your favorite essential oil? Which one have you used already? What are your experiences with aromatherapy?
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