Confident or Conceited

Confidence is defined as a feeling or consciousness of one’s powers or of reliance in one’s circumstances. Being confident, sounds so easy but being able to walk into a room and feel completely comfortable with yourself inside and out is not an easy task for many of us. A conceited person will walk into that same room and feel insecure about herself but instead of showing it will tell everyone how great they are.

     Conceit is shown by people who not only are not critical towards themselves, but also underestimate their own self worth. They can only see the good side of themselves, they have no bad side. With a conceited person everything is/was easy to do and they never acknowledge a mistake was made on their part. They always think they have the answers and their’s is the best answer. We have all seen them, the loudest one in the room telling stories of themselves and what they have, will, or have already done. Conceited people have an excessively high opinion of their abilities, appearance, and material things. These people will like to show off quite a lot and will tell you how what you have is not as good as what they have.  They constantly boast about how “confident” they are and how they always speak their mind. I have met women before who boasted about how no one will talk to them this way or do treat them any kind of way, they tend to be very rude and you can just see the insecurity in them. It always makes me think of the saying “his bark is worse than his bite”.

     When a person is confident, they never have to tell you they are. They will just exude confidence. They are not afraid to admit making mistakes and has a plan on how to not make that mistake again. Confidence isn’t about proving to anyone else just how great you are, it’s a feeling you have inside that just shows to everyone around. I am always in awe of truly confident people. It is so incredible the way every action they make is just another fact showing their confidence.

     All people whether confident or not get nervous in some situations, it’s the way you act in those situations that define you. When you know you have the capability to compose yourself and get through a nerve wracking situation, that’s confidence. A confident person knows she can do anything she sets her mind to. A conceited person wants everyone else to know she can do anything and everything. When put in a nervous situation, rather than letting them see you sweat, a conceited person will pass on that situation or start belittling others to make herself seem important.

How do you feel around confident people vs conceited people? Would you be able  recognize if you were conceited, I am thinking yes, but what do you think? Maybe some conceited people don’t know they are conceited and they think that is the way to “prove” their confidence.

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3 thoughts on “Confident or Conceited

  1. Us Conceited Ppl are not insecure.. we just have high standards. It’s not our faults some ppl have low self esteem.. honestly i think people who call us conceited are actually just jealous onlookers! get your own lives and let us live ours the way we want to!

  2. Fair enough you think you re nice because you have a bit of cash or you wear make up to cover the imperfections of your face, that doesn’t make you better than any other human being who sees past the superficial facade. Because someone might not be impressed by vanity does not make them jealous. being conceited is a ugly thing.

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