A Shopping Sprint

It’s all over the news: a different kind of race recently took place in Moscow, Russia that got everyone talking. In this race, in competition were women wearing casual to fancy clothes instead of the usual jogging outfit. And in replace of the normal rubber shoes or athletic footwear used for racing? They were clad in high heels.

Photo taken from http://english.pravda.ru/img/idb/photo

The event spurred from the concept that shopping is a sport – something that I’m sure most women would agree to. After all, traversing those big malls in search of the perfect shoe, top, or gift ain’t no piece of meat. Add the mental energy you put into the activity as you analyze the features of all items you see and decide which is the best bargain or deal, and it becomes all the more a challenge. But it is a fun challenge to the shopaholics, just like other types of sports are both fun and challenging for its athletes. And both activities have been known to relieve stress and depression. See the analogy? 😛

Going back to the race, I can just imagine how difficult that must be, running in high heels. But I guess when the prize is right, in this case what-else-but-a-spanking shopping spree, there’s no stopping the ladies.
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