Suffering from Rosacea?

rosatiaa, rosacea, red skin, bad skinI recently heard that an herb you can readily purchase in a health food store can cure rosacea! All those people out there suffering with this skin issue may now have hope. Rosacea is a skin condition that affects the face. Your skin becomes red and ruddy looking and you may even see tiny veins just underneath the skins surface.

Many people assume this redness means that their skin is dry, this is not the case. Actually doctors have said that the cause of rosacea may be a sensitivity to microscopic demodex mites, which thrive on the skin. While a cotisone pescription can help the situation, it requires a long term useage to treat the condition, and it can return after using it. While these mites cannot be washed away, seabuckthorn extract can kill them in a week.

Seabuckthorn has many applications for its use. It can be used in cancer therapy, cardiovascular diseases, gastric ulcers, liver cirrhosis, and to help treat skin conditions. It is loaded with essential fatty acids and vitamins that are important for good health.

Pu away those prescriptions for your skin condition and go an alternate way. What do you have to lose?

If you have experience in using seabuckthorn, please let us know if it has helped you and if so how?
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15 thoughts on “Suffering from Rosacea?

  1. This Is true. Even i had been facing a lot of problems out of this.
    After a long search i have got out a site which provide breaking news and information which can help all the Acne Solution finders. There r articals on cure rosacea.
    Just have a look at this, it will surly help you out.

  2. Herbal treatments are very rarely suggested by doctors. I think there is a balance between eastern and western medicine. Herbs are the way to go, I would also keep a log of what you are eating and when a flare up happens, it can very well be a food allergy. Then when all else fails consult a doctor for a script as a last resort.

  3. Many skin care products can exacerbate Rosacea, either due to over-drying, chemical
    reactions, allergies or sensitivities. Unlike many other skin care products, Seabuckthorn soaps, creams and oils are simple and natural, decreasing the likelihood of negative reactions. In an international
    study, physicians looked to find the cause of rosacea and furthermore tested the effects of seabuckthorn oil on
    individuals with acne rosacea. The research found that acne rosacea was linked to a microscopic parasite, known
    as demodex, which lives within the skin glands and hair
    follicles of 99.8% of all humans. The research further
    concluded that seabuckthorn oil was extremely effective
    in treating cases of the acne rosacea.

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  6. I suffered (past tense) severe Rosacea symptoms and some other chronic skin ailments for over 10 years. My symptoms continued to worsen, although sometimes they would mysteriously subside. It was humiliating, and my condition was so severe that I thought I might not be able to continue working in my chosen career.

    Like most rosacea sufferers, I did the whole routine with the doctors. They all diagnosed rosacea and prescribed various drugs – some worked, some didn’t. They were always careful to warn me that there was no cure – it was a chronic condition. I didn’t like introducing powerful drugs to my body, I also tried herbs, going chemical free in my home, becoming a vegetarian, refraining from eating sugar and gluten, and everything else I could think of. None of these things worked, although I was losing weight and getting pretty healthy in every other way.

    Then my symptoms mysteriously evaporated…………

    After relocating to a somewhat remote location in Colorado, my rosacea symptoms and other skin ailments began to subside. After a year or so, the symptoms were gone. No redness or bumps. I could go out side on sunny days, which I didn’t for years. I could drink or eat anything without concern. I could exercise, go to work, and do all the things I used to do without any concern for my face or skin. It was gone!

    But, then I had a relapse, then more relapses…………

    A new job required travel to several cities on a regular basis. Every time I traveled, the rosacea would return. Whenever I returned home, it would subside. It was disheartening because every time I would go to the home office or client meetings, I had redness and bumps on my forehead, cheeks, and chin. I am sure you can relate.

    This continued until……………..

    In an attempt to uncover the cause of the flare ups, I tried a number of experiments. For example, on several trips I packed and used my own pillow cases in case the hotels were using strong cleaning chemicals that would trigger the symptoms. Another experiment was to rinse my face after airline travel and several times a day when in the cities to rinse off any air borne pollutants that might be triggering the symptoms. This went on for several months to no avail.

    Finally, on the verge of giving up, I tried purchasing bottled water and using it to wash my face instead of washing with city water. It worked! I remained almost symptom free while in the city. I could – and did while experimenting – amplify the symptoms simply by showering or washing my face with chlorinated water. And, I could – and did Рreduce the symptoms by rinsing with chlorine free water. Now, when traveling I wash with bottled water. It is inconvenient, but my alternative is to trigger rosacea. The symptoms would recede but not disappear in larger cities due to ubiquitous chlorine exposure from numerous sources in all large cities. However, it was very mild without the direct exposure from water or shower steam.

    I feel kind of slow for not figuring it out sooner, but now it obvious that my rosacea would subside when I was at my remote home because it has well water which contains no chlorine or any other chemicals. And, in a remote area, there are no sources of chlorine.

    It turns out, after some follow up research, that I learned that millions of people are allergic to chlorine. Really, everyone is. It is one of the most toxic substances there is. Municipalities use it because it is very toxic to deadly microbes. But, in some of us, it causes rosacea. It is suspected as the cause for many other serious ailments, and after my experience, I don’t doubt it.

    An important side point: I had to stop using soap or any chemicals on my face. Any chemical now causes irritation. It is possible that my facial skin will always be hyper-sensitive due to years of irritation from chemicals. All bets are off if you apply chemicals to your face.

    Of course, not everyone’s rossacea is caused by chlorine, perhaps not even most. But, could it be possible that some, and possibly thousands of rosacea sufferer‚Äôs symptoms would evaporate if they were no longer exposed to chlorine? This is not speculation on my part. I proved that chlorine was causing ‚Äì at least – my rosacea symptoms. I can make my rosacea flare and diminish ‚Äì and did so several times – simply by using chlorinated or pure water. So, it seems very reasonable that the same cause and effect is occurring with other people. I was just lucky enough to move to a place with well water so that even I eventually stumbled on to the cause.

    Your health and peace of mind is worth the minor investment of time and money to find out if you are also experiencing a reaction to chlorine. Buy some chlorine free bottled water and wash with it for a week. If the symptoms are still there, you are out a few dollars and some time. But, what if the symptoms go away? If they do, invest in relatively inexpensive chlorine filtering shower head and get your rosacea under control the healthy way.

    This information will not help everyone, but I hope it helps you.


    1. Jim – I have just discovered the same thing in regards to chlorine and my rosacea! I moved to Ohio from Colorado about 5 years ago, which is when my rosacea first began. I did not relate the environment to it in the least, just thought it was my age and my luck. After reading about the benefits of using a chlorine filter for the hair and using that just in the shower at night, I thought I would try using that water to wash my face in the mornings as well -within 1 week my stinging, redness and bumps completely went away! I am still so shocked to wake up each morning to skin with no new bumps! Then I googled to see if anyone else had experienced this -and found your post. I had tried to avoid many of the typically listed triggers in the past as well with nothing seeming to have any direct relation on when my skin would good or bad. The change now with using filtered water is amazing and so easy compared to constantly worrying if some food was going to give me a problem!

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