My Typical Saturday

I mentioned in a previous post about a “date night” my husband and I have once a week (or at least thats the goal). 🙂 We actually usually have a “date day”. Having three kids does not always allow for time for us to take care of ourselves. So we reserve one day to do it….Saturdays. The kids always want to have playdates with their friends, so we arrange that.

Then our day begins, at 9 am, since we do not have time to go to the gym, we have the gym come to us. My husband and I have a personal trainer come to our home for 1 hour each week. He is awesome and shows us how and what we need to be doing to get into great shape for the summer! When the gym comes to you, you its hard to make an excuse not to work out.
We work out together, then after that when the trainer leaves, we have a morning cup of coffee, or in my husbands case, hot chocolate (he hates coffee and is not a tea drinker either), and we read the morning paper. At 11 a.m. we get massages in the “couples room” of our favorite massage place, a place called Massage Envy. Its a chain but the therapists are really very good and well trained with a variety of different background training, so no 2 massages are ever alike, unless of course we go to the same person over and over again. But we like to see the techniques of each person before we decide who we like best.

Typically after our massage, we go to Starbucks for a frappe or cappuccino (again my husband with his hot chocolate). Then off we go, back home to shower, dress and start the day with the kids. They don’t always want to leave their friends, but we like to spend weekends as a family.

You have to get in the time with your spouse or significant other when you can. However it works for you, it is probably one of the most importsnt things to do as a couple. Its the best time to be able to communicate with one anther with no kid distractions. If you have a happy, healthy marriage your children will learn from that and they too will most likely seek out a spouse that would enable them to do the same.

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Always keep that channel open, and know that if there is a problem seen by your partner and not you, indeed it is a problem and must be addressed. You do not have to always agree, but keep an open mind.
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3 thoughts on “My Typical Saturday

  1. Seems like a really good strategy and an amazing way to spend weekends with family. Congrats! 😉
    Lately I just sleep until noon on saturdays or go shopping with my friends 😉

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