Sometimes I see really long stairs like a reflex of life; there are many steps (challenges) to overcome before reaching the final goal (happiness to me). Do you realize that sometimes even if you are very tired, exhausted after a long day at work or at school, when you see a pair of stairs you just want to die? But eventually you take a very deep breath and take one step at a time and finally reach your goal.

That’s just the way it is supposed to be with life, even if we are passing through really bad moments, when everything seems to be working against us, we should take a deep breath and start climbing the stairs to our life and take just one step at a time.

So my advice is to never give up, life is never completely good or completely bad, so in good moments we’ll face for challenges that will help us appreciate the joy of happiness and during really bad times you’ll realize how you can learn something very useful in your life whether is just the lesson of not doing something again, or finding a new way to deal with matters.

Positive thinking is definitely the key to a successful and happy life, whenever you are having a bad time, you should instead call it “learning experience”, so the memories won’t be so bad and you’ll definitely find learning for every bad experience.

If you want a daily reminder of how you can always overcome your problems and achieve everything you want in life, try writing this in a piece of paper or just a small post-it in a place in front of you that you can look at while working, while meditating or even while browsing the net:

“If you can imagine it,
You can achieve it.
If you can dream it,
You can become it.”

At first I wasn’t sure if this was going to work but I decided to try it for a few days, so I wrote it in a white piece of paper in blue capital letters and pasted in the wall in front of my desk, so when I’m working and checking for my calendars and other post-its I usually end up reading it more than twice a day. I also realized that whenever I’m procrastinating on the net and I just glance at my white piece of paper, I feel guilty about not doing my best to achieve my goals, so I just start working! 😉

If you look again at your life like a long stairs, you can actually define each aspect of your life as a very important step; here are a few ideas of how each step is supposed to be. Remember that you can’t keep climbing the stairs of your life if any of your steps is missing or in a bad condition.

The step of your living space: your home, your dorm and even your class or office defines you. The energy of your living space have a strong effect n your life, is your basics, your foundation. So you should always try to keep a clean, tidy living space. Decoration doesn’t need to be luxurious or expensive, is just about cleaning and about elimination clutters.

The step of your emotional life: surround yourself with family, friends and loved persons. You don’t need to be in a relationship to feel loved and spread your love to people next to you.

The step of your health: health should probably be on the top of my list, because without health we can’t have anything. Try to eat healthy food, exercise often and avoid addictions. Have a medical check up at least once every two years if you are a very busy person.

The step of your job or your studies: some people say that a person should feel very sad and disappointed if he didn’t learn at least one new thing a day. I totally agree with that, so if you are studying, maybe you don’t need to learn the whole lesson, but if you properly and consciously learn at least 25%of your lesson, that’s a big improvement. If you are working, as a freelance or in any company, even if you are bored with your job you should try to do something new every day, never leave for tomorrow that you can do today, and specially always think bigger and further. A good way to improve your creativity and your results is to choose to get paid by results, not by hours, that way you’ll enjoy even more the profits or a hard day at work and you’ll get just what you deserve. The harder you work, the bigger the results.

The step of your wealth: the concept of wealth is completely different from one person to another one, to me wealth is all that I have in my life that fulfill me and make me happy, that’s: health, love, family, knowledge, good job, money, life… whatever you choose your wealth is, you should always be thankful, and happy for the little things that help you make it trough the day.

I wish each step of your life is balanced and fulfilled, if there is any one that is not completely all right, take the necessary measures to fix it.

How are your life steps? What does wealth means to you?
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