As a continuation to my previous post about going back to the dating scene, here’s another idea of things you shouldn’t do on a date. Sometimes we make these mistakes because we are very nervous on the first dates specially, or as a consequence for previous experiences. A first date is usually the first and deepest impression the other person will have of you, I’m sure that most of the time you don’t even want to see the person you date after a bad first date. So here’s a small guide of all those things that leave a really bad impression on your date:

DON’T be late or cancel your date: Nobody like to be stud up, so if you decide you don’t want to go on that date in the last minute, or if something extremely important came up, apologize in a polite way, call before the date time arrives and make sure to send at least a “Sorry message” for canceling or being late. For woman is sometimes ok to be late, but if you are going to be more than 30 minutes late to your date, for traffic or work reasons, make sure to call him and ask him to wait for him and offer to make it up for him by paying taxi or doing something he’ll appreciate.

DON’T have a bad appearance: Looking tired, sick or messy is definitely a date’s turn off. As I’ve said before is not about wearing the most expensive outfit but about looking clean and tidy. You should shave, comb your hair properly, apply some make up if you really know how to, otherwise is even better not to wear any make up and make sure your outfit and make up are appropriated for the dating place.

DON’T talk about sex/finances/politics/religion/work: These are very controversial topics that you shouldn’t be bring out on a date unless you really dislike him and just want to pick up a fight. Otherwise is never advisable to talk dirty or about sex, finances, politics or religion on a date, especially not in a first date. It’s definitely very important to learn about your date’s point of view about a certain topic, there are other ways and other occasion to do it. Unless your job is very interesting and will take you to a very animated conversation, avoid the talk about works, you don’t want him to think you are a workaholic and he definitely doesn’t need to know about your coworker’s conflicts.

DON’T talk about your ex: Your date doesn’t need or want to know about who wonderful your ex was, or how bad he was and the way he broke your heart. Try to avoid at all cost the “ex” talk. If you are still in love or hurting about your ex boyfriend or husband, your date is the wrong person to talk about it. Try to look at your new date as a completely new opportunity, as the beginning or something hopefully good, so never mix it with the sad memories from the past.

DON’T make plans for the future: Some women go on dates asking is that’s the right guy, the “one”, the future husband and father of her kid’s…big mistake. When going on a date you should never feel the pressure of starting a long lasting relationship. When you go on a date you should try to meet the person first and then take things slowly. Some men are really afraid of commitment, even if they are on a relationship already, so imagine what a turn off for a man to hear you talking about a future or a family together. It’s ok to let him know that you wish to meet/date him again, but be very careful to use the right words to give the right idea.

DON’T pick a fight: Whether it is with him, or with the driver, or the waitress, or just the woman staring at your guy, picking up a fight while on a date is a no-no situation. Women are supposed and expect to be feminine, sweet, understanding and polite, so picking up a fight during your date you’ll scare most man. They need to know that you are a responsible and patient person, who’ll listen and try to solve problems with words.

DON’T look bored or sad: If you look bored, tired or sleepy, your date will pick up the signs that the date is going wrong, and it will create a really uncomfortable situation. So even if you really are bored on the date, try not to stare are the ceiling or the floor, try not to play with your folk, try not to look at your watch every five minutes, or to check your phone for calls or messages, and definitely try not to strike up a conversation with someone around you. If you really are bored and don’t wish to continue on the date, try making an early morning excuse to go back home, that way he won’t feel completely bad about the bad date and you’ll avoid all the time killing techniques we hate so much.

DON’T make or accept work calls: If you know you are going on a date, make sure to clear your schedule for that time, so you won’t be getting annoying work calls in the middle of your romantic dinner. If can’t empty a few hours of your schedule to be on a date, your date will feel like there’s no time enough for him at all in your life.

I hope this few tips were useful and you’ll avoid them on your next date.
What have been your worst dating mistakes?

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7 thoughts on “TOP 8 DATING DONTS

  1. Don’t leave your glass at the table to go to the bathroom! That’s a really good one, I deserve to be added to your favorite people list. ^_^

  2. Here’s one……

    Don’t tell him/her your address just yet. Meet at a public place. They could be mentally challenged and stalk you later if you feel the chemistry is not there.

    Do tell at least 2 people who you are with and where you are going on that date. Give them the date’s name and phone number too. Better safe than sorry.

    Visit me at:

  3. I met my husband through a personal ad, they do work! Being too embaressed to tell anyone (even my mom) I went on my first date with him secretly, BUT i left a note on my bed of who I went with, his contact info and the place I was meeting him at. I made sure it was very public and I also made sure I met him there and that he did not pick me up. This way I had a get away should I need it. 😉 Always be safe, so later you do not end up sorry!

  4. Once I went on a date with a guy who was very nice but started smoking a cuban cigar. It was a completely turn off for me…so if you are smoker but dating a non smoker (like me) DON’T smoke at least on your first date or ask and make sure it ok with your date.

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