As a continuation to my post on going back to the dating scene, this is another post on dating. Once you have chosen and are ready to start dating after a bad break-up or widowhood, your first date will probably be the hardest one. You’ll be nervous and even embarrassed. While there are no specific rules to have a perfect date, there are certain measures you can take to look your best and have a successful date. Here are a few and probably the top nine dos of dating:

DO be punctual: Punctuality is definitely the first thing about you that your date will notice. While punctuality can be more accepted for women, most man don’t really like a woman who takes one hour to get ready to go on a date. If you have arrangements to meet on a place, try getting dressed as early as possible and be on time, if he’s coming to your place to pick you up, then make sure you have already tried every possible outfit to wear, so when he arrives you’ll be ready.

DO have great personal appearance: You should always wear nice clean cloths while on a date. You don’t need to wear and expensive outfit, but you have to make sure that your date feels comfortable with you. You can wear sexy cloths, but never over do it, or you will be sending the wrong message to your date. Try to wear something fashionable and according to the place you are going because you should also feel comfortable in what you are wearing to avoid another cause of stress on your date.

DO Smell Nice: This might be included in the personal appearance part, but I chose to separate it because the smell is usually not taking too seriously. To most people there’s nothing like a woman with a nice irresistible scent. You should choose a scent that is not too strong or too sweet. You should find a scent that is sweet and at the same time sexy. Be careful not to over do it, and choose a perfume that is right for the occasion, for a sports or camping date you shouldn’t wear the same perfume than for a dinner date. And one last details, in most perfumes, less in better.

DO be Complimentary: Always compliment your date, man also like getting compliments and it shows that you paid attention to them and that you care about what they do. You not only need to compliment his outfit, but you can compliment his punctuality or his choice of the place. Whatever it is that you decide to compliment, do it from your heart, don’t just do it because is a rule, but because you want him to feel comfortable around you.

DO Smile: Is official that smiling draws people to you, a smile is like a magnet to others. People usually feel better around smiling people and me are definitely more attracted towards women who like and know how to smile. A smile makes you look relaxed, happy and confident. All this said there’s no need to keep explaining why smiling is so important on a date. As long as you smile your date will also feel relaxed and he’ll know that everything is going well and you are happy with his company.

DO be humorous: A sense of humor is important in every situation, but is something that you should pay a lot of attention. Most man like a woman with a good sense of humor, a woman that can make really funny and sexy jokes, a woman that can always find a funny side to any situation. You should be careful not to end up doing racist or impolite jokes; they can give a really bad impression about you. And never ever make fun of your date or someone around you.

DO Flirt: Women can also flirt, and men enjoy it. On a date you should definitely have a little flirt, which will make him feel sexy and attractive. You should be very careful though; no man likes a woman who is throwing yourself to him. Of course you should be careful not to make him feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.

DO Have fun: Whether your date is at a park, at a club or at a restaurant, make sure you have fun. This is not only to make your date feel well but for you, dates can be very fun actually, just think about the fact that you get to go to a nice place with a nice person that might even become a serious relationship in the future. So I’m sure you’ll want to remember your first date as a fun experience. But even if the date doesn’t work, which is possible, at least you’ll have had nice time out.

DO Offer to pay the bill: I would even say help pay the bills. Most of the time men are expected to take care of the bills, but is always nice and highly appreciated that a woman offers to pay, that’ll show him that you are independent and self supported and that specially you didn’t go there for the free stuff. Even if you have no interest at all on paying the bill, show him that you have the means and intention to do it.

I hope this few dating dos can help you have a merrier and more successful date and if the first one doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter, there will be better ones in the future.
Dates should be about having fun and getting to know new people, not actually about meeting your future husband or your kid’s father.

And as I said before, the guy is usually as nervous as you are, so try to make this experience relaxed and enjoyable for him too.

What are your personal dating dos?
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