Drink your drugs…a rant

I just heard a report on television this morning that there are 41 million Americans, in the NY tri-state area alone, have trace amounts of drugs in their water supply. Don’t be fooled, this is a problem throughout the country!  We are not talking about over the counter drugs, but prescription drug, such as those used to treat convulsions, heart issues, depression, bi-polar disorder, alzheimers, just to name a few. Growing up you always heard people talking about flushing old medication down the toilet instead of disposing it any other way, well it has finally caught up with us. Although the American Water Supply company in this area has said it is safe t drink the water, the concern really comes from LONG TERM EFFECTS!

Look I have food allergies, if I come into contact with the juice of a fresh apple, A TRACE AMOUNT, I will have an allergic reaction. That being said what about those people who are allergic to those TRACE AMOUNTS of these meds? Do we all have to carry epi pens with us in our back pockets now?

Once again we are faced with the dilemma, do we believe them, when they say that the water is safe? What about those trace amounts accumulating in our bodies and then building up. Well scientists are concerned about that, and if they are concerned, let me tell you, so am I. As my friend was filling up her babies bottle with water for her formula, I was thinking to myself, they always ask you at the medical office how much you weigh in order to prescribe you the dose you need, I am hard pressed to believe that those trace amounts that may have no effect on 150 lb adult would have the same “no effect” on those 7 lb newborn babies who cannot be breast fed!

It is appauling that restrictions were never put in place for the disposal of medication down our sewer pipes. At the very least, if they were enforced somehow, a mass majority of people would have thought twice about flushing them. Albeit some would go ahead and flush them anyway.

It is sickening that this is happening, to begin with, but to say “IT HAS NO EFFECT”, that’s just a flat out lie. We entrust our community politicians to help us in so many ways, rightfully or wrongfully so, BUT it is up to us the consumer, once again to be vigilant in our own education to prevent ourselves and our families from becoming sick. You would think that with all medical advances and technology advances our country has, it has not come up with one to protect our water. Forget the terrorists, we can just poison ourselves…slowly.
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