Hello Beautiful

wedgeheel  Casadei Wedge Heel

These are one of one of my absolute favorites!

     I love, love, love Wedge heels. They are gorgeous, sexy, and comfortable. To me, this is one of the best fashion items that has been invented. But these are not your granny’s wedges anymore. Granny has switched to the new wedge heel! These fabulous shoes have been redone to be more sophisticated, sleek, and fashionable. Say goodbye to the clunky heel and the bulky shoe, Hello Beautiful!

     Wedge heels add height but are far more stable than regular high heels. They come as high as 4.5 inches, sometimes even higher, so you can wear spike high heels in a wedge. Stilettos have always been a little hard to master, wedges are comparatively easier. You have so much balance in them, you can stand in them and feel like you are on the floor. So, if you want to wear high heels but you feel unstable on them, go for the wedge. Also, with the sleeker heel they can now be worn with any outfit, whether casual or dressy. You can also find wedges in a boot, who would have thought!

Marc Jacobs Cuffed Wedge Boot

wedge heel boot


     These shoes are great for women who have back issues but still wish to look and feel sexy in heels. I have seen women in their 60’s sporting these high fashion shoes. So, if they can do it and look fabulous, why aren’t you? Wedges are good for balance and they are very chic right now. By just putting on a pair you increase your fashion quotient. But remember wedges are still a heel, so don’t expect to put these on and be able to run a marathon. They are not taking the place of sneakers, yet ; )

     What’s not to love about a comfortable high heel shoe? The stiletto is out and the wedge is in. Finally something that makes you look and feel sexy, and their comfortable, to boot.

Take a look at what’s next in heels…..


the backwards heel shoe! Will these be the next big thing in fashion?? Will you own a pair?

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