Take the Time to Feel like a Woman

 bath Sometimes we are so busy with kids, work, cleaning, cooking that we need some time to just be. A good time is while you are in the shower or taking a bath.Go ahead and try using things to enhance that time, no matter how little time you may have these tricks won’t use any extra time.

    Use a body wash that not only feels amazing but smells amazing, too. I use Victoria Secret’s Love Spell. But you can find many inexpensive ones that are just as amazing. This will not only smell great in the bath/shower but will linger afterwards. Also, try a shampoo and conditioner that smells great. I love smelling my hair through out the day when it smells wonderful.

     After leaving the bath, lather up with some great lotion. My absolute favorite is Bath and Bodyworks Ultimate Silk Body Lotion Velvet Tuberose. If you haven’t ever smelled or felt this run to Bath and Bodyworks now and try it. After the very 1st time I felt and smelled this I have been hooked every since. Now make sure you try this particular one…not the cream. Then, if you like it as much as I do you can get the Body Spray. A body spray just reinforces the yumminess you will already be smelling, so choose something complimentary with the other smells and make sure you love it. You can use the body spray as the day progresses to refresh yourself.


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