As I promised before when I started talking about the many tea health benefits, I started drinking tea. Yesterday I tried a new combination of mint, green and jasmine tea. It might seem like a weird combination, but it was actually very nice. I personally love it and I still have another tea bag that I’m planning to use very soon.

Since I came to China I noticed that probably one of the most popular teas among Chinese people, besides green tea, is the JASMINE TEA. I remember whenever I used to go to a tea shops someone would offer me jasmine tea saying that is was good for women. At first I didn’t believe it, I thought it was just another kind of marketing, but since I’ve been doing so much research on the tea field, I realized that jasmine tea is actually very good for women’s health. 

Apart from some of the other tea health benefits I’ve mentioned before, JASMINE tea is said to be very beneficial for relaxing and for its anticancer benefits.

Jasmine tea is usually made from green tea leaves that are scented with jasmine flowers. Scented jasmine tea is produced slowly and requires a lot of labor from the farmers. Jasmine flowers are harvested during the day and stored in a cool place during the night together with the other tea leaves. During the night, the flowers bloom its full fragrance and the tea has fully absorbed it. Then the flowers are removed and layered over the tea leaves during the scenting process.

Fresh flowers should be layered on 5 or 6 times to produce high quality jasmine tea, with a long lasting deep fragrance. The best jasmine tea has few or almost no flowers.

The quality of this tea is determined by the quality of green tea used as its base and the effectiveness of the scenting.

As I mentioned before, tea, and jasmine tea among many other teas are very efficient to prevent cancer. While it can’t be considered as a treatment itself, it’s been scientifically proven that jasmine has potent chemo preventive efficacy in experimental mammary carcinogenesis. Other studies are warranted to isolate and characterize the bio-active principle from jasmine. So this might be one of the reasons why the tea shops sellers always advice women to buy jasmine tea.

Jasmine tea’s odor it’s proven to have an effect on automatic nerve activity and mood states. Jasmine tea can cause a significant decrease in heart rate and significant increase in spectral integrated values at high frequency component. Jasmine tea produces calm and vigorous mood states.

As you can see, the jasmine tea benefits are definitely very significant specially for women’s life, so you should drink it 3 to 3 times a week, but the rest of the time you should alternate it with some other different kinds of herbal teas that are usually available in health food stores.

Is always a good idea to alternate different kinds of teas in order to get all the different beneficial substances that other different teas can offer to us.

I personally didn’t know all this benefits of drinking jasmine tea, so if we add to all this the fact that jasmine tea is very tasty, I think I’ll drink it more often.

Some people also say that Jasmine tea also make women beautiful, but I couldn’t find anything about it. If you have some information about it don’t hesitate in share it with us.

Do you know any other JASMINE TEA benefits? 

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