Be yourself

BrownBobbi-TeenageBeauty00 “The reason I wrote the book is because there are so many girls who are so beautiful and so special, but they just don’t see it”

                                                                                                    ——Bobbi Brown

      I was in the bookstore one day and found the book, Teenage Beauty by famed Make-up artist Bobbi Brown. She talks about alot of helpful things that every young girl should know about beauty and make-up. When asked why she wrote the book she answered “The reason I wrote the book is because there are so many girls who are so beautiful and so special, but they just don’t see it”. I agree 100% with her, but not just about teens but adult women, too. It is so easy to look at models, actresses and people in the media and think that’s how you want to look or dress. When in truth, you’ll look best and feel best when you just do you. Be Yourself!

     Bobbi Brown states that you should find a role model, someone you can relate to. Someone who has the same features, color tone and body type as you do. An ethnic or shorter girl should not try to emulate Heidi Klum.  Learn to appreciate and love yourself now and you will be more self confident and happy as you grow up. Right skin care should begin at 12, with skin cleansing products. When choosing products for a teen, the simpler the better.

     The most important thing for a teen to remember is, skin care is the most important thing you do for yourself. If you really want to wear make-up, try to use sheers in eye shadow, blush, and lips. On your lips a glosser, try lip gloss,  with a tint should be great. If you do have blemishes that you are bothered by, a foundation can be used only on the blemish. You should never use foundation all over. Eye liners and mascara should definitely by saved for 16 yrs and up. For older teens you may like a tinted moisturizer or a bronzer, and pass on the foundation.

     This is a great book for teens, it helps to make them start to appreciate their own natural beauty and it is packed with alot of good advice. It explains everything they want/need to know about beauty at their age and for when they are growing older. I like the stress it puts on skin care. I don’t think alot of girls realize just how important it is to be yourself and how great you can look by just doing that!

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