Guide to happiness

I’ve seen many times people that just look happy all the time without any apparent reason, while some other people who has everything that is supposed to bring them happiness just don’t seem at all content with their life. I was thinking about the topic in general and then I suddenly found myself: What does really make us happy? How do you know if someone is really happy? How are you supposed to show your happiness?

I can keep going on with thousands of questions that are just hard and even impossible to answer in a right way. What is true is that we have all experienced happiness and contentment with our life when we less expected, when everything else is going wrong and especially when it seems wrong to be happy.

I think that the most important quality of the human being is the ability to find happiness within inside our hearts.

Sometimes we just think back at the moments when we were really happy in the past and just by thinking about them we feel completely happy.

Everybody find happiness, fulfillment and content in different ways. Here are a few examples of those activities, practices and life characteristics that can help us fulfill our hopes of happiness and take us a long rewarding life filled with special moment.

Love: You should love with all your heart. Love your family, your job, your pet, your friends, your couple, your country… Love everything that surrounds you. Even if you’ve been hurt in the past, don’t let the pain or the fear stop you from being happy. If you really open your heart to happiness and life, there might be some painful moments, but I can assure you that the real happy and full of love moments will always be more than the sad ones.

Get involved in different activities: All kind of mind-related or physical activities are an important part of our life. They help us stay fit, alert and informed. They create a sense of belonging, of friendship with like-minded people and especially they make you different and special. These activities can be very different for every different person; they can go from stones collection to yoga, from dancing group to marathon group. Just find something that fulfills you and makes you happy.

Be a good example for others: Be kind, polite and an example not only for younger people but for older people too. You should have principles and stand up for what you believe and for what is right. So other people will look at you as an example of sincerity, thoughtfulness and caring.

Be thankful: You should appreciate and accept all of your blessings. Life is a real blessing, so love your life and thank everyday for being alive. If sometimes you feel like there’s nothing to be thankful about, think of your lovely and caring family, think of your good health, of your good job or the opportunity to study, think of all your friends that are there to love you, help you and support you… if all this is not enough, think of the blessing of just being alive, think of the blessing of your vision, of your complete body. There are many different things you should be thankful.

Avoid anger and sadness: Anger is a really bad state that usually ends up on losing friends, family and even our couple. Angry people usually lose control of the situation, which they usually regret. So when you are feeling like getting angry, take a deep breath and relax, or just get away from the anger trigger situation. Sadness is also a really bad state that pulls people away from you. The same way you should avoid anger and sadness, you should avoid angry and sad people, they’ll only make you feel worst.

Set self-discipline: This really means, learning to say “no” to situation that might damage you physically and mentally. Control your life with your thoughts and intelligence. Learn to set limits to yourself, learn to auto criticize and auto punish yourself when you do something that is against your believes or against your responsibilities. Learn to respect other people’s boundaries and individuality. This self-discipline ability will help you achieve everything you want and adapt to all kinds of situations.

Think positive: Even when things are going bad, think positive, it’s easier to become discouraged and always hope for the worst, than to keep a positive hopeful attitude in all kind of situations. When you have financial problems, health concerns and even personal troubles, think of all of your life achievements, friendships and other assets, this will help you recover your positive state of mind.

I hope this few easy steps can help you live a happier life and if you think this is a useful topic, I can keep giving other ideas for a happy life. Remember that you should always look for happiness inside of you.

What other advices can you give to be happy?
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