Showing your joy

In my previous post I was talking about how important it is to find happiness within us and try to look at the positive side of life. I gave different activities and life changes you should do to have a life full of love, blessings and fulfillments. Even when storms come our way, or people hurt us, when life let us down and makes everything difficult, there are things we can do to keep our joy.

This are a few things that’ll help you show your joy.

Smile: Smile always, when you feel like crying or screaming, try smiling. Some people say that in bad situations, smiling is harder than crying, so why should we go for the easiest way? Next time you feel depressed, sad, like crying, embarrassed or just angry, try smiling; you’ll notice the huge change in your attitude.

Sing a happy song: Do you notice how when people are really happy they just start singing? Even if you can’t sing well, the fact of singing a happy song will give you a completely new and happier energy. Don’t be ashamed of your poor singing skills, you can also use an instrument to help you. If you are like me, that can’t even remember the lyrics, just play your favorite music on a DVD player or in the radio and start singing, you won’t only feel happy, but you’ll make your happiness contagious to people around you.

Hug someone: Is said that when people hug, there’s an interchange of energies. When you want to feel happy, hug someone, a happy person would be perfect and take some of his/her energy. Don’t feel bad, you are not stealing his/her energy or giving your bad energy, you’ll just help change your body energy. It works all the time.

Open the windows and let the sunshine into your room: Basically you should let the sunshine and the air into your room and into your life as well. Try to always have at least an open window in your house. Even if it is cold, you only need a small opening to let the fresh air circulate in your house and your life.

Tell yourself that you feel good: This is very hard for many people, but the effect of repeating that you feel good to yourself, is amazing. I personally have this habit of whenever I’m having a bad time, whenever I’m sad and someone asks me how am I feeling, I always end my sentence with: “I’ll be ok”. I remember once someone asked me why I did that, I didn’t know exactly but I said: “I guess it is because I want and I need to believe that I will be ok. I can’t wait for someone to tell me that everything will be alright, I need to know it for myself.” He was very happy with the answer and from that day on, he started doing the same.

Say “I love you”, “I forgive you” or “I understand you” to someone who have hurt you: At first this might definitely sound crazy but all the energy, time and effort we waste on hating someone who hurt us, is actually keeping us from being happy. By showing your love, forgiveness, and compassion to people who haven’t been especially good to us, we are showing that we are passed all that and that we have a bigger heart. I still find it very hard, but the peace we get from these is a step closer to our own happiness.

Count your many blessings: Your life, your health, your family, your friends, your love, your job, your house are big blessings you should always keep on mind. Be grateful for everything, even the trials we face and all the learning experiences we face on our life.

Treat yourself to something you like: Is proven that whenever we do or eat something we really like, our mood gets better and we can feel closer to happiness. If you are through a really bad moment, invite yourself to a shopping treat, to a spa, to holidays away from everybody, to your favorite food. Even if you are alone doing it, you’ll enjoy it and feel the happiness coming into your life.

Get away from your sofa: Is very common for depressed people to just seat on the sofa or lie on bed in front of the TV, eating unhealthy food, watching sad movies and feeling miserable about themselves. Guess what, this will only make you feel worst. Even is hard, get dressed, wear something you like and feel comfortable with and go out for a walk or to visit any place or museum you always wanted to visit. Do whatever you want but never go lay down on your sofa to watch sad movies.

I hope this few tips can help you feel better and show some joy even when you are not feeling very well. I’ve tried some of those tips and they really work all the time.

Do you have any other tip for showing our joy?
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