Traveling for Beauty

How to travel and still maintain your beauty, despite the airlines restrictions. 

womanmakeup Be prepared before you get to the airport! Look for your beauty items in mini-sizes. Also try finding small bottles and putting your beauty products on those before travel. Keep your items in small Ziploc  bags and under 3 ozs and you shouldn’t have a problem. Each container must be 3 ozs or smaller. They all have to be placed in a single, quart sized, clear Ziploc bag. Once you get to the counter these items will have to be taken out and x-rayed. Some travel necessities for women are your skin care and make-up products.

     Make sure to keep your skin well moisturized while traveling. Airports and Airplanes tend to be very dry so you will want to be sure to keep your moisturizer handy. It’s a good idea to get a travel-sized spray lotion to take with you. If you can find a light reflecting moisturizer that would be even better. You should spray yourself about every hour or so you are on the plane. Take a neck pillow to use on the plane in case you fall asleep, that way you won’t flatten your hair. Use plenty of lip balm to keep your lips from drying out while flying. A good travel companion is Clarins Beauty Balm, it erases sign of fatigue or stress, so it’s great to use if you traveling by air. Also, remember your sunscreen to protect your skin while driving.

     No way we’re leaving our make-up when we’re traveling, so you’ll need a tiny make-up bag with you. You’ll need to remember your under eye concealer, smudge proof mascara, eye lash curler, eye pencil, and your foundation. Or you can simplify and get the Clinique Make-up Travel Kit, which includes everything except your foundation and pencil. It’s also a good idea to get a makeup palette instead of trying to bring all your colors you may want to use, like Sephora’s Colorful Story or Sugar Girl’s Best Friend. Make sure you bring some make-up removing towelettes.

     When traveling, wear very little make-up. Go make-up free if possible and then you can moisturize and clean your skin en rout to your destination. If make up is a must, try to wear oil-free or powder make-ups. A good travel regiment when flying is using the Clarin’s Beauty Balm halfway through the flight, clean your face and apply a thick layer. Concentrate on under your eyes, this product contains witch hazel, which can help reduce eye puffiness. Leave it on until about 45 mins before you land then remove and apply your moisturizer and foundation. You can also try a tinted moisturizer to cut back on the need for foundation. Finish up with your under eye concealer, and your eye make up (eye liner, light eye shadow, brow definition using your eye liner pencil). Now you’ll arriver looking refreshed and beautiful.


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