Beware of Appetite Boosters

Losing weight is one of the most common goals of people everywhere, but unless you have a very good metabolism, this is easier said than done. From diet regimens to gym programs to slimming teas, it seems that more and more weight loss inducers are being introduced everyday as everyone desperately tries to slim down.

Oftentimes the main challenge is simply how to cut on the food intake, especially if you have a very busy lifestyle, feel stressed all the time, and need food as one source of comfort. But sometimes, it may also be about certain habits that unconsciously make us consume more. Here are some appetite boosters that you may have to beware of:


It’s always great to dine out with friends, family, or co-workers and bond at the same time, but if you’re cutting back on the weight, you may want to lessen it for a while. Studies show that people generally consume at least 44 per cent more kilojoules when eating with company rather than when eating alone. One reason for this maybe because people tend to be a lot more relaxed when eating with other people and thereby enjoys nibbling more. Another reason could be that dining with people usually entails a lot of conversation and laughter over meals, so it’s easy to lose focus on how much you’ve eaten and just go on with the flow. Furthermore, eating with people who have hearty appetites can rub on you and may unconsciously make you want to match the level of appetite as well. Sometimes, it’s simply politeness. I remember there was a time I was on an after-six diet, but an old classmate who I haven’t seen for a long time asked me to meet up for dinner. So of course I had no choice but to eat as well, lest she be uncomfortable to be the only one eating while I watch her.

Dining out with company is definitely not a bad thing and could be one of the ways to relieve of stress, but doing this often may also lead to more pounds. You may want to plan on which events and dates to go to and which could be cancelled for the meantime, rather than going all of the time.


Think you can have chocolates and ice cream and a lot of steak on the ref and have the control to eat only a “portion” everyday? Wrong, especially if it’s your comfort foods that are sitting there so appetizingly. I realized that the first rule to sticking to a healthy diet is to clear the pantry and the ref of temptation foods, because it just takes one very stressful moment, one appetizing ad on the TV or the magazine, to turn on the much unwanted lust and make me run to the ref and taste a bit of heaven.

However, it would be hard to maintain a ref full of fruits and vegetables and healthy stuff if you live with other people as not everyone is always into a healthy diet. If you have some money to shell out, it would be great to have your own small personal ref or a large cooler that you can keep in your room, that way you don’t have to open the main refrigerator and see all the tempting goodies stacked up. If it simply ain’t possible, it helps to lessen the trips to the refrigerator. Or just convince all your housemates to go on a diet as well. 😀


It’s one of the best comforts in the world to watch the boob tube while eating, but this activity can make you munch mindlessly and eat more than you intended. Actually, I noticed that doing any other activity while eating can make me lose focus on the portion goal and I end up consuming more. When watching TV, all those food commercials especially increase the cravings. So it may be best to finish your meal first before sitting down for that favorite sitcom or American Idol. 😉

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