sarahjessicaparker My personal style is Sarah Jessica Parkerish (SJP), a little off the wall, a bit quirky, and a whole lot of originality. I love everything about her “out in public” clothing style. She is so original with the way she dresses. So when I heard she was starting her own fashion line Bitten, I jumped at the chance to buy her clothes. Then I saw the line and it was “ok”, not what I expected of her, but still “ok”. She has some cute items and they are inexpensive, which is always a plus. They are also kinda cheaply made, sorry Sarah it had to be said. You can actually put together some really nice outfits if you have an “eye for monotony”. She has some really cute vests and sweaters which are super affordable. Her price of jeans HAVE to be boasted about…where else can you find a nice pair of jeans for 8.98, now that’s bananas. 

     She certainly was on the right track when she came up with the pricing of her items. I can’t wait for her items to be available in more stores nationwide, they will make great gifts. The clothes themselves are “nice”. I might be able to fit them into my style, I really do want to love this line. I thought they would be more like her quirky, original flavor. This line makes me think of Old Navy or the Gap, you know alittle boring compared to what I think of when I think of SJP.

     Maybe the public SJP is not the real SJP. Maybe she is this boring clothing line or maybe, just maybe, she is just out to make money like everyone else and is selling what will sell to the public. Either way, I will continue to love her quirky, out of the box, original style..she truly is an original.


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