Summer, Summer, Summertime…

summer Every time I think of swimming pools, barbecues,     beaches, and lemonade, I can’t help but think of the Will Smith song, “Summertime”. Man, I love that song and I love the summer which is, thankfully, quickly approaching. I can feel myself getting more and more excited with every passing day. My absolute favorite summer, run-out-the-door, outfit is my DKNY jeans, a tank top, flip flops and a pony tail. Summer can be a time of versatility when it comes to fashion. I even catch myself putting together summer outfits, already.

       A classic summer/spring (if you’re in the south, spring) outfit is the spring dress. My absolute favorite for this coming summer is a blue tube dress by Scoop Beach, it is gorgeous and paired with a shawl or mini jacket it can be worn anywhere. It is a bit pricey but because it’s sold at, right now you can get with 4 easy payments! I love easy-pays!!!! Dresses are always an easy outfit to just grab out the closet and go. They can be formal or informal by simply changing the shoe and accessorizing.

      Another summer must is a nice pair of shorts or capris. Invest in a pair of denim and cotton capris and you can make many nice outfits. With shorts, leave the “daisy’s” to the kiddos. If you are over 25, let’s try and get some a wee bit longer for a more sophisticated look. I love Bermuda shorts, they look nice and are not too short. They look great with a nice polo shirt or tank.

     An absolute summertime accessory is a stylish pair of shades, I have about 10 pair. They serve a dual purpose, they can finish off an outfit and they keep the sun out of your eyes. If you don’t want shades you can also pick up a summer hat. Hats are good for bad hair days and they can keep the sun off your face. Hats or shades, either one can make you look “summer ready”.

     Summertime is a great time to experiment with different looks and styles of clothing. Because it is so warm you can wear anything and the sunlight makes your skin look wonderful. Don’t forget your sunscreen! Enjoy, summer’s fast approaching!

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