How to keep your man happy?

Sometimes we woman complain how our men go for adventures or go to find pleasure somewhere else when we are here ready to love them and please them. But the real question is: Are we really here for them?
The truth is that at some point of every relationship, sex gets boring and routine takes over. That does not mean at all that love is gone, love is hopefully still there, so we just need to find a way to spicy relationships up. Romantic escapades, role-play, games…. all those can be really good ideas for spice your sex life.

I was reading a very interesting article about what keeps a man crazy in love, some of the ideas were just too silly but some other ideas I found really interesting. I was specially intrigued by the STRIP idea. I always wonder what’s with guys and strippers? I guess I can’t ever find the right answer, I have never tried it but I think is actually sound fun to do, when it is with the person you really love, when there’s trust and enough intimacy.

Here’s a simple guide to a perfect strip that I found on the article:
“How: Visualize yourself strutting your stuff in a way you can be comfortable with, advises Lily Burana, a former stripper and author of Strip City, an account of her farewell take-it-off tour: “Maybe something kittenish, coy and old-fashioned — all feather fans and boas,” she says. “Or something bold and crazy, like pole dancing, or more 1930s cabaret.” This will help get you in the mood for show time, and only when you feel sexy, Burana explains, can you act sexy. Attitude trumps attire here, so no need to drop a bundle on that Elizabeth Berkley costume. Instead opt for clothing with easy closures (snaps, not buttons) or no closures, such as a simple sexy slip.

Music is optional; rehearsal is not. “Do a dry run, just you and the mirror, testing out moves,” says Burana, like slinking with your arms above your head, slowly twirling, maybe teasingly flashing a little flesh. “Dance for a while, then practice sliding the straps of the slip off your shoulders and pulling it down over your hips or up over your head,” she says. “When you feel comfortable with the movements, they start to look good.”

Embarrassed? Shy? This will help: “Keep on your feather boa or scarf — which makes a great prop anyway — or your bra or panties,” says Burana. “Plenty of strippers have made a mint by holding something back, so it’s not just a good psychological comfort, it’s a great gimmick!”
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One thought on “How to keep your man happy?

  1. It’s not difficult
    All you have to do is to be:
    1. A friend
    2. A companion
    3. A lover
    4. A brother
    5. A father
    6. A master
    7. A chef
    8. An electrician
    9. A carpenter
    10. A plumber
    11. A mechanic
    12. A decorator
    13. A stylist
    14. A sexologist
    15. A gynecologist
    16. A psychologist
    17. A pest exterminator
    18. A psychiatrist
    19. A healer
    20. A good listener
    21. An organizer
    22. A good father
    23. Very clean
    24. Sympathetic
    25. Athletic
    26. Warm
    27. Attentive
    28. Gallant
    29. ntelligent
    30. Funny
    31. Creative
    32. Tender
    33. Strong
    34. Understanding
    35. Tolerant
    36. Prudent
    37. Ambitious
    38. Capable
    39. Courageous
    40. Determined
    41. True
    42. Dependable
    43. Passionate


    44. Give her compliments regularly
    45. Love shopping
    46. Be honest
    47. Be very rich
    48. Not stress her out
    49. Not look at other girls


    50. Give her lots of attention, but expect little yourself
    51. Give her lots of time, especially time for herself
    52. Give her lots of space, never worrying about where she

    53. Never to forget:
    arrangements she makes


    1. Leave him in peace,
    NO Nagging (very, very, very
    2. Feed him well.
    3. Let him have the remote control

    Got this from another site

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