How to keep your wife happy

After reading the other post on my blog about keeping a man happy I thought it only appropriate to write a post on how to keep your wife happy. Its pretty amazing that men really do not know how simple it can be to keep their wives happy. It’s about very different things for women then it is for me. Most men do not know that if they do some or all of these things they indeed will ultimately get what they want from their wives. (wink wink)

1. When you come home from work, be present. Now I do not mean be present in the room, but be present emotionally and although we know you just walked in the door from work, ask us how our day was too. We apreciate that, if we are stay at home moms, its not all about lunching with our girlfriends and getting nails done, its about shuffling kids and being a cab driver, a nurse, a playmate, a chef, a housekeeper, a laundress. If we do work outside of the house, you can still ask us how our day went. But be present.

2. Be considerate. Even if you did just walk in the door, please do not walk over the kids stuff on the floor and pick it up if you see it. You live here too.

3. Do not talk on your cell phone and have your headset attached to your head ALL OF THE TIME just waiting to answer the next call. If you are having dinner with your family this is especially the case. Calls can wait, family time is so much more important, not just for us wives but for the kids as well.

4. Get comfortable and play with the kids. Guys listen up: This is a HUGE turn on for us wives to see our husbands actually being playful with our kids, especially if we are busy trying to get dinner on the table or doing one of the other 10,652 things we have to do in the house. Did I say TURN ON 😉

5. When we are trying to do those 10,652 things, help us with just one of those things. Ask us what you can do to help. We would love to believe you are mind readers, but realistically we know you are not, so just ASK.

6. If we prepare and make dinner, just start clearing the dishes without us asking. This is especially useful if you think all we do is nag. We just want you to help out that’s all. Although we may be home with the kids, AGAIN its not about us having fun while you are out working, we are working too, just differently and always for you and our families.

7. When it comes to sex, some of us just do not need it as much as you guys do, but if you lent a helping hand at home, we would be less tired and be more apt to take you up on your offer at night. You helping us out more and being present when you come home from work really will make a difference. Don’t think it has to do with us being uninterested, its just that we really do get tired, it’s not just an excuse like you may think.

8. Talk to us and tell us when you want to go out, but do not wit til the last minute, cause we will get pissed. We may have made family plans that are tentative, we may have a;ready cooked dinner or prepared a nice romantic meal for you guys. If you need to be reminded to tell us something, write it down or put it in your phone on an alarm.

9. Be an equal partner in the relationship when it comes to everything, including parenting. Let’s be on the same page when it comes to disciplining the kids and work together. Let’s not let the kids play us against each other, it gives them mixed messages and will get us angry at each other. We are a team, let’s act like one.

10. Make some time to be a family. At the very least reserve family time, maybe make it the same day/time each week and do something as a family. It makes a better bond for all of us.

I know I am missing a lot, and I am not saying that all issues come from the men in our lives, because they do not, but at least if you followed some of these suggestions, I am sure that things would go your way, more often then not when the kiddies are sleeping, if you know what I mean. 😉

Can you add anything to this list?
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