I have eyelashes!

Yes it’s true, I have eyelashes. While most of you are reading this and saying, sure you do, everyone has eye lashes, you just do not understand. I had the shortest eye lashes on the planet to the point where it looked like I had singed them off at some time in my life. A friend had tried using this product that is touted as making your lashes thicken, grow and cementing the lashes into the lids so they do not fall out.

So I tried this product thinking, no way is this going to work for me. Without waivering in the thought about the slightest possibility that this just may work, ritually each morning before I would apply my makeup, I would line my eyes with this clear gel that comes in a mascara type applicator. I would line both the upper and lower lids along the hair follicles that would have been my lashes.

After waiting and waiting for something to happen, (mind you I have been using this for 2 weeks now) someone actually noticed my lashes! I could hardly believe it. I have lashes now and I am going to buy a ton of this stuff to make sure I always have lashes! Of course I am still going to use the mascara that I have, but at least now my lashes are noticeable. It’s called Virtual Illusion Lash Enhancer and it’s not terribly priced.
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