The Power of Meditation

One of my best friends have been suffering from a lot of stress lately, school homework, football practices and so many other familiar responsibilities make it really hard for her to enjoy of a free time a day to sit and just relax. She looks very tired all the time and her mood is definitely not the same than before.

We advised her to find a way to relieve all her stress but we didn’t actually have the right method, until we Google it and found all this benefits for meditation, including the stress relieve. Then we realized that we don’t actually know a lot about meditation. We think that meditation is just about sitting with our legs crossed and look asleep while listening to some meditation CD or music.

I hope everybody gets really familiar with the real concept of meditation and I’m planning on writing a few ideas for proper meditation for beginners like me.

Today I’m going to talk about all the many different benefits of meditation.
• Help heart conditions. Meditation can reduce cholesterol buildup and the risk of heart attack and stroke, reducing the death rate among the elderly. Meditation also lowers blood pressure, creating a %12.5 lower risk of stroke or coronary mortality. Some studies actually showed how heart and artery health improved %69 in meditation test groups.
• Reduce stress and anxiety. Meditation releases tension and creates the will power of consciousness to be in control of one’s life. Meditation can also help improve sleep patterns and post-traumatic stress response as well as decrease psychological distress. It helps increase mental abilities, focus and concentration.
• Reduce chronic pains. Regular meditation can reduce pain symptoms and rheumatoid arthritis symptoms as well as migraine pains.
• Improve life quality. Meditation helps improve people’s life quality, reducing the health care facilities and helps control substance abuse.

After reading all this meditation benefits, I think most of you want to start try practicing it. I would advice you to do some research before practicing and if possible start with a meditation group or with some guidance. In next posts I’ll be giving some advices about meditation techniques.
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